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Charged With DUI? Get Help From a DWI Lawyer

Driving under the influence is seen as an extremely serious offense in New Jersey. A DUI or DWI conviction will result in substantial repercussions and penalties. If you or a loved one have been charged with DUI, you should have protection. A strong legal strategy designed by a New Jersey DWI attorney will give you the best chance.
If you were accused of driving under the influence, Villani & DeLuca can assist. The intricate law of DUI should just be conducted by a lawyer with the right experience. NJ DUI lawyers will enhance the outlook of your DWI trial.

Knowing New Jersey DUI and DWI Laws

If you were recently stopped at a DUI roadblock or pulled over by law enforcement for suspicion of drunk driving, you may currently be confronting serious DUI allegations. Law enforcement is authorized to request a field sobriety test if there is reasonable cause to believe that you may be driving drunk. You may also be required to take part in a breath test if a police officer has reason to believe you have been drinking. You are not permitted to operate a vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration reading that exceeds 0.08%.

Get an Experienced Lawyer for Your DUI Charge

Defense attorneys from Villani & DeLuca have been protecting clients from illicit DUI claims for years. Partner Carmine Villani Esq. is a leading attorney in New Jersey DWI defense. As a member of the National College for DWI Defense, Mr. Villani has successfully guarded people against wrongful accusations relating to DWI for many years.

Lawyers With Alcotest® and Breathalyzer Training

Mr. Villani is trained to administer the same breath test used by NJ law enforcement. His experience with the Breathalyzer and Draeger Alcotest® 7110 gives him a big leg up on other attorneys. A breath test needs to be administered in an extremely specific way. A breath test that has not been performed the right way by the officer can lead to dropped charges.

Field Sobriety Test Practices

A field sobriety test would not be the only evidence used to ascertain if someone was intoxicated beyond the legal limit. However, it can provide reasonable cause for a police officer, which leads to the use of a blood alcohol test. Mistakes do occur even with training to conduct standardized field sobriety testing. If the test is administered wrong, it can refute the results and lead to charges being lessened.

Drug-Related DUI Arrests

Drug recognition evaluation (DRE) is the procedure by which law enforcement decides whether a driver is under the influence of drugs. However, much like with the standardized field sobriety test, errors are sometimes made during the process. If an error has actually occurred, your lawyer will fight the charges on the basis that the drug recognition evaluation was not implemented according to the law. Villani & DeLuca will search for mistakes made during an arrest to protect your rights.

How to Challenge Charges With a Lawyer

Penalties for a DWI conviction are serious in New Jersey. You can lose your license for a maximum of 10 years and face a fine of up to $1,000. Larger DUI fines and penalties occur if you have been previously convicted for driving while intoxicated.
False DWI allegations have been known to occur. If you think that you were charged without reason, call a DWI law firm that serves Roosevelt, New Jersey. Our attorneys will help you plan your defense.

Breath Test Refusal

The implied consent law that is enforced by police in NJ dictates that you do not have the right to refuse a breath test if probable cause has been proven initially. Declining a breath test will produce refusal charges as well as an arrest. Refusal charges in New Jersey can even overshadow the charges that happen if you are convicted of a DWI.
Law enforcement needs to have probable cause in order to require people to complete a breath or blood test. An experienced DUI attorney can help calculate if probable cause was founded or determine whether mitigating circumstances, such as medical issues played a role in your refusal.

DWI Checkpoints

Did law enforcement recently pull over your car at a DUI checkpoint? Officers may have asked you to hand over your license and ask you questions regarding who you are and where you live, which is within their power. If they asked you additional questions, you did not have to answer.
The way in which officers handle your rights during DWI checkpoints can seriously influence a trial. Qualified DUI lawyers know how officers are qualified to handle road blocks and will enforce a strong defense based on how you were treated.

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We will protect your rights just like we have done for clients charged with DWI since 1996. If you are interested in beating your DWI charges in Roosevelt, NJ, contact us today Our attorneys would like to have your charges dismissed. A DUI can effect your life.
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