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A great marriage can still end in divorce. People cheat. Money, children, goals and other circumstances develop as the relationship ages and people lose their connection. Divorce can happen to anyone, so if it does, it is imperative to have a plan.

Before you can officialize your divorce multiple situations have been assessed and discussed. Instead of assuming the matter upon yourself, let a Millstone, New Jersey divorce lawyer worry about the minutiae. A divorce attorney will assess your well being when it comes to investments, guardianship of children and other personal variables.

Regrettably, divorce can be challenging. The outcome of your divorce, including land and finances can be best achieved with a divorce attorney in Millstone, NJ. Villani & DeLuca, P.C. lawyers will work hard to secure a better future for you.

Knowledgeable Millstone, NJ Divorce Attorneys Working for You

Divorce lawyers fight hard for you, at a time in your life when you need it most. Our law firm will take you through each point of the proceedings in a manner that keeps you in charge of your future. Your particular conditions will vary, but, you may have several areas of concern, such as child custody and support, spousal support or alimony payments, dividing a family-owned business or complicated investment distribution. Choosing a divorce lawyer accustomed to negotiating all of these issues is paramount for getting an outcome you can accept.

As a family law firm that serves Millstone, NJ, Villani & DeLuca has represented the interests of clients going through divorce since 1996. Vincent DeLuca, Esq. is a NJ Supreme Court-certified divorce attorney and a founder and partner of Villani & DeLuca.

Our divorce counsel offer legal assistance for all types of separations, calling for all types of resolutions. Strategies like collaborative divorce and mediation will assist to finalize your divorce quickly and easily. But, not all divorces can find resolution without a judge’s intervention, and Villani & DeLuca will argue for you at your trial when it comes to it.

Securing a Divorce in NJ

For the most part, divorcing couples in NJ must be residents of the state for 12 months or more before they are able to file. Either party may initiate the process, referencing at least a half year of irreconcilable differences. When this is not the case, the spouse needs to show one of the following:

– Infidelity
– Deviant sexual tendencies
– Desertion (willful and sustained for at least 12 months)
– Drug addiction or frequent drunkenness
– 1.5 years of separation
– Being institutionalized for mental illness for more than 2 years
– Extreme cruelty (physical or intellectual cruelty threatening security or well-being of spouse)

Typical Divorce Conditions

Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is an alternative to traditional divorce, that occurs in a cooperative workspace. Get a personalized outcome by working with a divorce mediator, without ever entering courtroom setting.

Collaborative Divorce

Another option involves evaluating the rewards of a collaborative divorce, which eliminates the need for a trial in Family Court. Collaborative divorce can also be a cheaper route. Your divorce will be settled out of a courtroom and in private.

Child Custody

Despite the fact that child custody can be emotionally draining, your family practice lawyer can help. The New Jersey Family Court system emphasizes the best situation for your child. Your child custody attorney should be defending your child’s best interests, while making sure that your custodial rights are preserved simultaneously. It’s never easy, but child custody problems are by far some of the most hard-fought issues of many divorces in NJ.

Alimony or Spousal Support

Alimony can be a vital matter in a divorce. In keeping with (N.J.S.A. 2A:34-23(b)), many considerations like age, number of years of marriage, education level and other factors can play a role in determining alimony. Make use of our attorneys to reach a financial settlement that would be a good match for you.

Child Support

Child support will be ordered with the wages of both parents in mind. The formula will change based on whether a spouse has sole or joint-custody of the children. There are numerous other considerations that can influence child support payments, including who pays for health insurance, the number of evenings each child spends with each parent, earning abilities, and most especially, the individual requirements of the child.

The process of determining child support can be contentious. Choose an attorney who has a history of success in matters of child support.

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There is no one right solution to a divorce — only what works effectively for you. No matter what the circumstances of your divorce are an experienced divorce attorney is essential for obtaining the outcome you want. Get qualified legal guidance from a Villani & DeLuca divorce lawyer. Our Millstone, NJ family law team will work relentlessly on your behalf, safe-guarding your assets and your top priorities .

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