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A marijuana charge in New Jersey can be a big problem if it is not handled properly. Do not leave room for the possibility of a conviction for marijuana possession or distribution. Although medical marijuana is allowed and may be used by certain individuals, the marijuana laws still are in full effect for the bulk of people in NJ. You need a marijuana defense attorney serving Marlboro, NJ, if you have been taken in for marijuana possession, distribution or the intent to distribute.

Have a Better Understanding of New Jersey Marijuana Charges

Marijuana is a Controlled Dangerous Substance in New Jersey, which means that the penalties are often severe. If you have possession of over 50 grams of marijuana on you when you are arrested, it will result in felony charges.

Possession is one thing, but distribution accusations are extremely serious. An arrest for marijuana possession can turn into the attempt to distribute depending on the amount in your possession and what police determine your purposes were. An experienced attorney who serves Marlboro, New Jersey can assist your fight against these charges if there is any question as to your true intent.

New Jersey Defense Attorneys With Experience Fighting Marijuana Charges

The lawyers of Villani & DeLuca have been arguing marijuana-related crime accusations in New Jersey since the law firm opened its doors in 1996. Carmine Villani, Esq. is a marijuana defense lawyer with a history in the defense of people fighting drug charges. He has also worked as as municipal prosecutor and public defender in NJ, giving him a unique advantage when battling criminal allegations.

Marijuana Offenses

{The severity of the accusations that can be brought against you in New Jersey differ depending on the circumstances of your arrest, like the total marijuana discovered on your person, where the arrest occurred and the intent perceived by police and the prosecution.|Marijuana charges can be serious or basically insignificant depending on the geography of your arrest, the weight of marijuana and what the arresting officer and the prosecutor believes your intentions were (distribution or recreational use).

Possession of Marijuana

Marijuana possession in New Jersey of fewer than 50 grams can be punished by jail terms of as much as six months and fines that are as high as $1,000. However, the punishment can be potentially 18 months in prison with a top fine of $25,000, when the total amount of pot passes 50 grams.

Marijuana Distribution and Intent to Sell Marijuana

Marijuana distribution is a felony, but fines and punishments vary. First degree marijuana distribution charges that end in a conviction are so severe that the defendant can receive twenty years in prison and a maximum fine that reaches up to $300,000.

School Zones and Public Parks

All marijuana-related charges will be heightened if the crime takes place in a site designated by New Jersey laws as a protected zone. These protected zones comprise public parks and school zones. A school zone legally extends 1,000 feet from designated buildings owned by the school district. Larger charges will still occur even if school is not in session and no students are present. If you are arrested in a school zone and charged with distribution or the intent to distribute, a prison sentence of at least three years without parole can occur. There are extenuating circumstances to this law, however, a qualified New Jersey defense lawyer can argue that the mandatory minimum sentence does not apply.

Medical Marijuana

If you have been allowed by the state of NJ to smoke medical marijuana, you may be exempt from particular possession charges. However, NJ does not recognize patients who have been approved to use medical marijuana by other state governments. Only serious health conditions or a terminal illness may validate a medical marijuana exemption in NJ.

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