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DWI Lawyers in Highlands NJ

Charged With DWI? Get Help From a DWI Lawyer

NJ takes drunk driving seriously. A DUI or DWI conviction will end up meaning substantial consequences and penalties. You should have legal assistance if you or someone you know was recently hit with a DWI or DUI. A strong legal defense designed by a NJ DUI lawyer will provide you with the best opportunity.
In the event of a charge for driving while intoxicated, lawyers from Villani & DeLuca can assist you. The intricate law surrounding DWI should only be conducted by an attorney with the right experience. NJ DUI lawyers will enhance the outlook of your DWI trial.

What are the DUI laws in NJ?

Any blood alcohol concentration (BAC) reading of 0.08% in NJ will end in a charge of DWI for someone driving in the state. A driver will have to take a field sobriety test if an officer has probable cause to implement one. Breath tests are required by law probable cause has been made clear in the eyes of the officer.

New Jersey Attorneys Trained in DWI Law

Villani & DeLuca, P.C. is a DUI legal practice in New Jersey that has years of extensive defense of clients who were accused of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Partner Carmine Villani Esq. is a leading attorney in New Jersey DWI defense. Mr. Villani has been protecting clients from DWI charges since Villani & DeLuca opened its doors in 1996.

Trained in Alcotest® and Breathalyzer

Carmine Villani has received the same training for overseeing a breath test as NJ police officers. This insight into breath tests and how to accurately administer them is a big asset to his clients. When implementing a breath test, police officers need to follow a strict police. Otherwise, the measurements may not be true, leading to a wrongful DUI charge.

Standardized Field Sobriety Testing

A field sobriety test should not be the only evidence taken to prove if somebody was inebriated beyond the legal limit. However, it can provide reasonable cause for a police officer, which leads to the implementation of a blood alcohol test. Although officers get specific training for SFST, mistakes are frequently made in the field. You will have a good case against DUI charges if an officer did not perform a field sobriety test in accordance with the law before arresting and charging you.

Understanding Drug Recognition Evalutation

If a police officerthinks that a driver is operating a vehicle under the influence of a substance other than alcohol, he or she will implement the drug recognition evaluation (DRE) to prove the suspicion. However, much like with the standardized field sobriety test, errors can be made during the process. If an error has actually occurred, your attorney will fight the charges on the grounds that the drug recognition evaluation was not performed according to the law. Villani & DeLuca will look for errors that may have happened during an arrest to protect your rights.

Charges and Penalties New Jersey DUI Attorneys Will Dispute

Your license will be suspended and a fine of up to $1,000 will be required when convicted of intoxicated driving. You may also be required to drive with an interlock ignition device after your license is reinstated. Multiple DUI arrests and a higher blood alcohol level will lead to more serious consequences.
Unfortunately, people are falsely charged with DWI. Get in touch with an attorney who serves Highlands, New Jersey today if you were falsely accused of drunken driving. Plan your defense with a law firm that understands how to appropriately protect you against DWI charges.

Breath Test Refusal

New Jersey operates under an implied consent law, which requires drivers to participate in a breath test if there is an implication of drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs. If you do refuse, you will be charged with breath test refusal and your license will be revoked for at least seven months. Drivers found guilty of refusing a breath test can be subject to harsher penalties than those convicted of a DWI with a BAC reading of 0.10% or more.
Were youpulled over and forced to blow into a Breathalyzer without probable cause? It is illegal to force a person to take a breath test if that person was told to do so without probable cause. Your charges might be beaten in court if the officer who conducted the test was not trying to look for probable cause.

How DWI Checkpoints Work in NJ

You may be questioned after being pulled over by law enforcement at a DWI checkpoint. But, you do not have to answer questions other than basic information like your given name and address. Also, your trunk should not be searched without a warrant.
Were you treated poorly at a DUI road block that led to charges for driving while intoxicated? The law requires officers to treat drivers in a certain way.

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