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Child custody arguments often develop during divorce cases. Ensure that the best interests of your children are prioritized, by getting an attorney to guide you in Highlands, NJ. Your lawyer can worry about the legal process while you help your child manage their emotions.

We know your primary goal is shielding your children and protecting their mental and emotional states. You would also like to have the authority to see your children as much as you can to make they are getting essential care and treatment. Your custody attorney needs to think outside the box to find the custodial arrangement that best suits your family’s individual needs.

Experienced, Family Law Lawyers Put Your Child First

Villani & DeLuca has the resources and background you need for your custodianship dispute in Highlands, NJ. Our method considers your goals and objectives throughout the total parenting dispute.

We represent every side in a child custody battle, from guardians to grandfathers and grandmothers to other involved adults looking for child custody. The NJ family law legal professionals at Villani & DeLuca offer legal support in all issues pertaining to your divorce and child custody conflict, including:

If you are in need of a trained lawyer, contact Villani & DeLuca right away. Vincent DeLuca, Esq. is part of a exclusive group of matrimonial law attorneys certified by the NJ Supreme Court.

Variables Impacting Custody Cases in New Jersey Courts

If your household is safe and is deemed a positive place for children to thrive then your probability of succeeding in your custody suit is much greater. There are other factors like the involvement you have with your ex- spouse, the bond between parent and child and your work commitment that will all be considered.

If you are coping with an antagonistic custody battle, consider the possible benefits of a mediated divorce and custody conversation rather than relying on a judge to hand out a custody ruling without your input. Divorce mediation can be a good way of arriving at a mutual understanding on child custody issues. Take advantage of a family law lawyer serving Highlands, NJ to work for you today.

Without a mutually agreed upon custody arrangement, a judge will step in to determine the official custody ruling. In these scenarios, having an experienced divorce lawyer on your side can be the determining factor between seeing your child once in a while, on alternate weekends or all the time. Don’t put your most precious relationship at risk. Make sure you have representation from a Villani & DeLuca family law attorney.

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