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Child Custody Lawyers in Farmingdale NJ

The Right Farmingdale, NJ Child Custody Attorneys for Your Family Law Needs

A dispute over child custody frequently happens during divorce. Turn to an attorney in Farmingdale, New Jersey for the assurance you need so that your kids' best interests are emphasized. Your counsel can worry about the legal process while you help your child manage their emotions.
We understand your most important objective is sheltering your children and protecting their mental and emotional states. You would also like to have the authority to maintain your tight-knit relationship with your child, while ensuring they are getting essential care and consideration. Your ambitions and desires can be accomplished with the help of your custody lawyer.

Experienced, Custody Lawyers Put Your Child First

Are you going through a child custody quarrel in Farmingdale, New Jersey? Villani & DeLuca, P.C. can help you take care of your custody dispute and lessen your stress in this difficult time.

We represent every side in a parenting dispute, from parents or guardians to grandparents to other relevant parties searching for child custody. We will help you control your custody challenge in the following ways:

  • Physical and legal custody
  • Sole custody, joint custody, visitation rights and supervised visitations
  • Custody evaluations
  • Rights of grandparents, including custody and visitation
  • Interstate and intrastate child removal and jurisdictional issues
  • Parenting plans and modifications and co-parenting issues
  • Dissolution of legal partnerships
  • Separation agreements
  • Collaborative divorces

Set up a consulation with Villani & DeLuca for a knowledgeable family law lawyer. Vincent DeLuca, Esq. has the distinction of being a NJ Supreme Court certified matrimonial law attorney, something that very few lawyers have on their resume.

Considerations Affecting Custody Cases in New Jersey Courts

If your household is safe and is deemed a positive place for children to grow then your chances of winning your custody battle is greatly improved. Numerous other factors will also be addressed while determining the results of the custody dispute.
If you are facing an antagonistic custody battle, consider the potential rewards of a mediated child maintenance arrangement rather than allowing a judge to determine your parenting fate. Parenting concerns that come up, including money and visitation arguments, can be decided more conveniently in a divorce mediation. Take advantage of a divorce and custody attorney serving Farmingdale, NJ to help you today.

Without a recommendation, a judge will step in to determine the official custody ruling. In these scenarios, standing with an experienced custody and divorce attorney can be the determining factor between seeing your children sporadically, on alternate weekends or full-time. Don't put your most precious relationship at risk. Make sure you have legal advice from a Villani & DeLuca divorce and custody attorney.

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