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Marijuana Possession Lawyers in Fair Haven NJ

Experienced Fair Haven Marijuana Possession Defense Lawyers Will Protect Your Rights

A marijuana charge in New Jersey can be a big issue if it is not handled correctly. NJ has strict pot laws and penalties for possession and distribution. Despite the allowed use of medical marijuana (under extremely specific and controlled situations), NJ will prosecute people arrested for using, selling and growing weed. If you were arrested for pot possession, your Fair Haven, NJ lawyer can help you through the legal steps.

Have a Better Understanding of New Jersey Marijuana Charges

Marijuana is a Controlled Dangerous Substance in New Jersey, which means that the penalties are often severe. If you have control of over 50 grams of marijuana on your person when you are taken into custody, it will lead to felony charges.

If you are arrested in possessing marijuana (this can be a smaller amount than 50 grams), charges will frequently extend further than possession. The state will sometimes charge you with the intent to sell, which is treated the same as being arrested in the process of actually distributing pot. Distribution and the intent to distribute create much more intense penalties than possession. You need to build a strong defense with an experienced Fair Haven, NJ marijuana law firm to ensure your charges do not become more than just possession.

Experienced New Jersey Drug Possession Lawyers

Since opening in 1996, Villani & DeLuca criminal defense lawyers have fought for the rights of clients disputing drug charges, like marijuana possession and distribution. Partner Carmine Villani, Esq. has been practicing law since 1992 and concentrates on defending clients from criminal charges such as possession and distribution of pot. Mr. Villani is a previous municipal prosecutor and will use his experience to bolster your case, so that it is as solid as it can be.

Marijuana Offenses

{The severity of the accusations that may be brought against you in NJ differ depending on the specifics of your individual case, like the weight of the marijuana discovered on your person, where the arrest occurred and the intentions perceived by law enforcement and the state.|Were you taken into custody for a large amount of pot in your possession? Dependent upon the circumstances of , including type of drug packaging, presence of drug paraphernalia, and quantities of marijuana, law enforcement may decide to book you for the intent to distribute instead of just possession.

Possession of Marijuana

Marijuana possession in New Jersey of less than 50 grams can still warrant jail terms of as much as 6 months and fines that reach upwards $1,000. Possession of marijuana in sums of greater than 50 grams is more serious and can generate a $25,000 fine and as much as a 1.5 year jail term.

Marijuana Distribution and Intent to Distribute

Marijuana distribution is a felony, but fines and punishments vary. For instance, a charge in the fourth degree (less than one ounce) can lead to a fine of up to $10,000 and a jail term of up to 18 months, while charge of the first degree can have a maximum sentence of twenty years and a fine of up to $300,000.

School Zones and Public Parks

Protected zones include school zones, such as school buildings and school vehicles, in addition to public parks. If you are found guilty of selling marijuana in these protected zones, your punishments will be enhanced according to state law. Hire a NJ criminal defense attorney if you were arrested and charged with marijuana possession or distribution in a Fair Haven protected zone.

Medical Marijuana

NJ does have a medical marijuana program, but it is very regulated in the sense that few people qualify for it. If you are permitted to use medical by another state, for instance, which does not necessarily entitle you to medical marijuana use in NJ. The medical marijuana laws of NJ tend to be more strict than similar medical marijuana states around the country. Medical marijuana is reserved for more major health issues and potentially life-threatening illnesses.

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