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DWI Lawyers in Fair Haven NJ

Charged With DWI? Get Assistance From a DUI Attorney

NJ takes drunk driving seriously. A DUI or DWI charge can lead to substantial repercussions and penalties. You need to get legal assistance if you or someone you know was recently hit with a DWI or DUI. A strong legal defense designed by a NJ DWI lawyer will give you the best chance.
DWI requires a more specialized attorney. Villani & DeLuca DUI lawyers will work hard to protect you against strict penalties and neglect of your rights.

What are the DWI laws in New Jersey?

The legal limit for driving in NJ is a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08%, and a number at or above this level will lead to DWI charges. A driver will be required to take a field sobriety test if an officer has probable cause to request that one is performed. Breath tests are mandatory by law probable cause has been made clear in the eyes of the officer.

New Jersey Attorneys Trained in DWI Law

Need help disputing a DUI in NJ? Ask partner Carmine Villani, Esq. to create your defense. Mr. Villani is a member of the National College of DWI Defense and has years of experience defending clients in NJ. The legal defense team at Villani & DeLuca will continue to work to have DWI charges reduced or dropped for those who hire use.

Practiced in Alcotest® and Breathalyzer

If a breath test is not managed properly, reading may be incorrect. Mr. Villani focuses on the evaluation of these procedures. Thanks to the same training that NJ police officers get for breath tests, Mr. Villani will take note of police procedures, machine calibration and the maintenance of the instruments in order to create a better legal strategy for you.

Understanding the Standardized Field Sobriety Test (SFST)

The standardized field sobriety test (SFST) is not a perfect process and is not usually sufficient evidence to accuse someone of operating a vehicle intoxicated. But, it can give reasonable cause for a police officer, which requires the use of a blood alcohol test. Mistakes do occur despite training to conduct standardized field sobriety testing. If the test is administered improperly, it can disprove the readings of a breath test and lead to charges being lessened.

Understanding Drug Recognition Evalutation

DUIs involving drugs have risen in NJ. Your attorney should be well educated in drug recognition evaluation (DRE) if you were arrested for a DUI that did not involve alcohol. Mr. Villani is intimately acquainted with the proper procedure of the DRE and will use any improper steps taken by police to help you win your case.

Charges and Penalties New Jersey DWI Lawyers Will Challenge

NJ DWI penalties vary in harshness depending on a variety of factors, such as BAC level, whether you are a multiple offender and the amount of time since a previous DUI sentence. Penalties include monetary charges up to $1,000, driver's license suspensions of up to 10 years, interlock ignition device and even jail time.
False DUI charges have been known to occur. Get in touch with an attorney who serves Fair Haven, New Jersey today if you may have been falsely accused of driving drunk. Our attorneys will help you strategize your defense.

Breath Test Refusal

It is illegal to turn down a breath test in NJ. Declining a breath test will lead to refusal charges and an arrest. Refusal charges in New Jersey can even outweigh the charges that happen if you are convicted of a DUI.
According to the law, law enforcement is not allowed to force a breath test without probable cause being established. If an officer was not able to establish probable cause, you will have a good case to make against your DWI charges.

How DWI Checkpoints Work in NJ

You are obligated by law to give certain info to officers in the event of a DWI checkpoint. But, you don't have to answer questions aside from basic information such as your given name and your current residence. The rear compartment of a vehicle cannot be opened without permission or a warrant.
The way in which officers handle your rights during DWI checkpoints will seriously impact a trial. Qualified DWI lawyers understand how police officers are qualified to handle road blocks and will pursue a tight defense based on how you were treated.

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