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Divorce Mediation in Fair Haven NJ

Influence Your Own Settlement with a Fair Haven Divorce Mediator

Divorce in New Jersey is usually completely demanding for everyone involved, but that does not have to be the case. Qualified divorce mediation lawyers help along the divorce process by facilitating improved communication and skipping excessive fees in court. If you would like to make sure that the divorce is as stress-free as possible, you may choose divorce mediation rather than the other options available to you.

In many cases, divorce mediation is required by the courts for New Jersey couples going through divorce. However, lots of people choose to hire a private divorce mediator so that they can evade court expenses and keep the proceedings as friendly as possible for the sake of their children.
A mediator does not lean towards one spouse over another during divorce mediation. The mediator's duty is to ensure that any legal decisions are made neutrally.
Every relationship is different, from financial assets to family values to child-rearing philosophies. Picking a divorce mediator who gets that every divorce is nuanced and unlike any other is paramount to reaching a settlement you will be content with.

Mediation Attorneys Serving Fair Haven, NJ Have the Right Experience

Partner Vincent DeLuca, Esq. is part of a select number of Supreme Court-certified NJ Matrimonial Law Attorneys. As a Rule 1:40 Family Law Mediator, Mr. DeLuca has been trained in divorce mediation, conflict management and assisting clients with the negotiations and problem solving they need to resolve family disagreements and quarrels. In addition, Vincent DeLuca is a founding member and former President of the Jersey Shore Collaborative Law Group, which encourages the resolution of family disagreements through a collaborative, less combative out-of-court process.

Do you want the best possible outcome for your divorce? The outcome of your divorce should reflect the fair process of mediation

How Divorce Mediation Works

The goal of mediation is to reach decision on positions that help both people. However, an agreement will only occur with the involvement of a mediator who has been employed by both parties. After the mediator is chosen, that person will try to look for solutions for both spouses.
After an agreement, the terms of the settlement will be written by the mediator in what is known as a Memorandum of Understanding. The memorandum will then be concluded in court.
Problems such as money and custody of children may halt the progression of a traditional divorce, but the strategies used by divorce mediators can make these difficult decisions much easier.

A Mediator Makes Financial Disputes Simple

Financials are frequently the subject of debate during divorce. Distribution of land, alimony or support for a spouse, division of investments, 401Ks, evaluation of assets, and considerations for other shared assets are just a sampling of the intricate and typically disputed financial issues divorce mediators help to resolve.

Mediators Ensure Fair Custody Arrangements

A custody battle is usually the hardest issue to resolve. Thankfully, Fair Haven mediators can accelerate the process. Mediators can help you resolve the issue by attempting to achieve the optimal scenario for you and your children.

Advantages to Using a Divorce Mediator in NJ

Mediation has several benefits as opposed to traditional divorce. Chief among them is the potential to avoid spending resources, while preserving as much goodwill as can be among parties. Additionally, some benefits are:
– Unbiased solutions that are even for all parties involved
– Discretion in private matters. Nothing said in private is allowable in the court room, so parties are able to speak freely and honestly in order to meet their expectations
– Mediation tends to create less tension for both spouses and their children, because the goal is to work for a solution together
– Co-parenting and cooperation is promoted, guarding the best interests of the kids involved
– Mediated resolutions can incorporate original solutions to complex disputes and are more likely to be followed since they were mutually agreed upon

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