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Child Custody Lawyers in Belmar NJ

Experienced Belmar, NJ Child Custody Lawyers for Your Family

The most emotional challenge a divorcing husband and wife will need to handle is child custody. Choosing a family law practitioner you are comfortable with is of the greatest significance while you compete for child custody in Belmar, New Jersey. As difficult as divorce can be on the couple, it is typically more difficult for the children.
You must have a family law attorney with the talent and background required to keep your children happy and well-taken care of. Your primary objective is the well-being of your children, and securing a qualified lawyer on your behalf is your most efficient way of guaranteeing that their necessities are met.

Experienced, Custody Lawyers Put Your Child First

Are you managing the strain of a child custody contest in Belmar, NJ? Let Villani & DeLuca, P.C. guide you during these difficult times.

We work for all sides in a divorce, from parents or guardians to grandparents to other relevant parties searching for child custody. We will help you direct your custody challenge in the subsequent ways:

  • Legal custody and physical custody
  • Sole or joint custody and types of visitation
  • Custody evaluations
  • Grandparents rights and grandparent custody and visitation
  • Jurisdictional issues and interstate and intrastate child removal
  • Parenting plans and modifications and co-parenting issues
  • Dissolution of legal partnerships
  • Separation agreements
  • Collaborative divorces

Reach out to Villani & DeLuca for a qualified divorce and custody attorney. Vincent DeLuca, Esq. is part of a exclusive group of matrimonial law attorneys certified by the NJ Supreme Court.

Issues Influencing Custody Cases in New Jersey Courts

An intense custody battle will need to cover many hot-button topics. Criteria like the capability to get along with your ex-husband or ex-wife (or former spouse), your involvement with the child, the well-being of each child, work status and fiscal status, and much more will factor in.
A mediator (impartial third-party) can make the process quicker and easier. Our divorce and custody lawyers regularly work with divorce mediators in Belmar in order to help you reach a solution that works for everyone. If you already have a NJ custody attorney, you can even retain a Villani & DeLuca divorce mediator for your guardianship disagreements.

The argument in favor of your parenting capabilities needs to be carefully presented and compelling if you want to obtain the ruling you want. You family law attorney can refine and polish your case before the Family Court judge makes his or her final decision pertaining to the relationship of your family.

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