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Personal Injury Lawyers in Asbury Park NJ

Get Compensated for Your Pain. Speak to a Personal Injury Lawyer in Asbury Park, NJ

A major injury can affect your career and personal life for lengthy periods of time. Your job could be at risk or you could be dealing with frequent pain because of a multitude of injuries.

When another person, organization or group of people is accountable for your injury, you have the right to pursue a financial settlement. A check can be a big help if bills start mounting because of your injury. While money might not be able to restore your injury, it can ease some of the other issues that transpire because of the injury. The money it requires to speed up your recuperation can be enormous, and a personal injury lawyer serving Asbury Park, NJ can help remove that burden.
Pursue reimbursement from the person who is responsible for your injuries. Villani & DeLuca offers the attention that it requires.

Do Your Personal Injury Lawyers Have the Resume You Need? Do Your Homework.

Need an injury attorney for a personal injury claim in Asbury Park, NJ? You require a smart attorney with a history of success in cases like yours. Since 1996, Villani & DeLuca has been representing clients who have suffered an array of injuries.

Reaching settlements and speaking with insurance providers are just a few ways that an legal professional can help. When court is necessary in order to settle your suit, a personal injury lawyer will represent you until a resolution is reached.

Personal Injury Claims We Represent

Personal injury claims cover a variety of circumstances. Speak with a personal injury lawyer ASAP if you were injured because of negligence. These are just a sampling of the personal injury cases Villani & DeLuca can help with. If you have been injured in a way that is not mentioned here, do not hesitate to contact Villani & DeLuca to ask if you should pursue compensation.

Car Collisions

Motor vehicle collisions are some of the most widespread, and serious, personal injury claims that happen. The seriousness of an injury caused by a motor vehicle collision will vary, but claims are not limited to terminal incidents. Psychological and bodily pain both contribute to whether compensation should be awarded to the injured party.

Trip and Fall or Premises Liability

You may be entitled to pecuniary remunerations if you tripped and fell due to poor property maintenance. A property's maintenance typically falls under the responsibility of its owner.

Workers' Compensation

Have you been the victim of a work-related injury? Workers compensation could be the answer you are looking for. Do not feel responsible for an accident that occurred at work or because of the type of work you perform. Hospital expenses should be handled by your or by its insurance coverage.

Dog Bites and Dog Attacks

A dog bite can cause long-term damage. The owner of the dog is typically liable for the actions of his or her dog. These claims rely heavily on the ability to prove that the dog in question genuinely bit the claimant. Speak with a lawyer who has experience with the dog bite laws of New Jersey.

Dog bite law has been a major concentration of the accident attorneys at Villani & DeLuca for years. Carmine Villani, Esq. is skilled in NJ dog bite laws and helping people obtain compensation for injuries related to dog bites. Mr. Villani is highly esteemed for his work with dog bite victims and has taught the subject to other attorneys.

Wrongful Death

Bring your case to a wrongful death attorney if your loved one has passed away because of another persons negligence. Losing a loved one is always difficult, but it can be especially emotional when the individual at fault is not held accountable. Your wrongful death attorney can help scrutinize the reason behind death and determine where the responsibility lies. A premature death of a relative may result in compensation for your personal and financial losses.

Head Trauma and Traumatic Brain Injuries

A head trauma may develop side effects that linger. Both physical and cognitive symptoms are proven to come from head trauma. If you were the victim of a serious head trauma caused by medical malpractice, negligence or deliberate misconduct, consult with a brain injury lawyer right away to ensure maximum financial compensation.

Pool Injuries

Property owners are bound by law to keep their pools in reasonably safe conditions. From adequate barriers, to sufficient supervision of swimmers, to preventing illicit usage, pool owners are obligated to follow a basic level of safety protocol. Have a personal injury lawyer investigate the circumstances surrounding your injury in order to determine if there is any call for a suit against the property owner.

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