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You have heard the stats — 1 in 2 wedded couples end in divorce. When saying “I do”, no one assumes that their relationship is going to end in tears and legal fights. But, it occurs all the time.
There are countless concerns that need to be fixed prior to a divorce can become legal, but worrying about it won't make you happier. Rather than assuming the problems upon yourself, let a Allenhurst, New Jersey divorce law firm manage the particulars. While in your employ, your divorce lawyer can compare your possibilities and suggest the probable outcome.

Unfortunately, divorce can be fraught with difficulties. The outcome of your divorce, including land and finances can be better facilitated with a divorce attorney in Allenhurst, NJ. Life post-divorce will feel a little less intimidating, thanks to Villani & DeLuca, P.C.

Seasoned Allenhurst, NJ Divorce Attorneys Working for You

The process of divorce can be made less frustrating with a practiced divorce attorney in your corner. There are several aspects of marriage that need to be addressed before your divorce can be a thing of the past. Your terms of divorce can hinge upon the law firm you hire. The most reliable method of getting what you want in a divorce is by finding a lawyer who fits your needs and expectations.

As a family law firm serving Allenhurst, New Jersey, Villani & DeLuca has represented the best interests of clients going through divorce since 1996. Vincent DeLuca, Esq. is a partner and founding member of Villani & DeLuca. He is also part of an exclusive group of attorneys licensed by the NJ Supreme Court to conduct matrimonial law.
Our divorce attorneys offer legal help for all types of separations, requiring all types of resolutions. We encourage our clients to resolve their differences civilly first, through collaborative divorce methods and mediation. Collaborative or mediated divorces are not always feasible when the situation is more complex and requires a trial in court. Examples include marriages involving domestic abuse or violence, or extremely antagonistic child support and custody battles. In these cases Villani & DeLuca has the trial experience to help you get the end result you deserve.

Securing a Divorce in NJ

Divorcing pairs ought to be living in state for a full year. A divorce will not be granted without irreconcilable differences or one of the following issues:
– Infidelity
– Unnatural sexual behavior
– Desertion (voluntary and ongoing for at least 12 months)
– Addiction to drugs or repeated inebriation
– 18-month separation
– Being institutionalized for mental illness for 2 or more years
– Extreme cruelty (physical or emotional cruelty jeopardizing safety or health of spouse)

Commonplace Divorce Conditions

Divorce Mediation

You may receive a court order to get divorce mediation, or you can choose to undergo divorce mediation proactively . Couples choosing divorce mediation interact in a civilized venue, with a neutral third party person leading the divorce process between partners. Considerations are reached by working side-by-side to find a mutually agreed upon solution for both spouses. They are generally more able to accommodate both sides than than busy Family Court justices.

Collaborative Divorce

You may choose to weigh the rewards of a collaborative divorce, which eliminates the requirement for a trial in Family Court. Collaborative divorce can also be a less expensive course of action. Couples searching for divorce through this method will reach an accord confidentially in an effort to move on swiftly and respectfully.

Child Custody

Despite the fact that child custody can be emotional, your divorce and child custody lawyer can help the situation. The New Jersey Family Court system concentrates on what is best for the child. Your lawyer will look out for you and your children during negotiations. Determining the complicated parenting time and custody issues involved with a divorce can be one of the most sore and emotionally sensitive issues for a client.

Alimony or Spousal Support

Financial settlements are oftentimes a major piece of divorce. Alimony is traditionally based on the lifestyle that each spouse has grown accustomed to in the course of their marriage. Spousal support can be awarded to a spouse in order to prevent significant compromises made on one side, as an immediate outcome of divorce. According to N.J.S.A. 2A:34-23(b), spousal support payments are based on the number of years of marriage, your age and education and personal assets.

Child Support

In NJ, child support payments are determined based on a specific proportion of both parents' earnings. The types of custody, joint- or sole- also play a role in how much each payment will be. Each parent's income and quite a few other monetary considerations will contribute to the level of child support that should be paid.
Determining and imposing payments of child support can be among the most overwhelming phases of any divorce or post-divorce proceeding. Verifying that your divorce attorney is educated in child support disputes is vital to protecting you and your family's future well-being.

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