NJ 39:4-99. Exceeding maximum speed.

Defending NJ 39:4-99.  Exceeding maximum speed.

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NJ Statute: 39:4-99.  Exceeding speed limitations; speed specified in charge.

It shall be prima facie unlawful for a person to exceed any of the foregoing  speed limitations or any speed limitation in effect as established by authority  of section 39:4-98 of this Title.

In every charge of violation of section 39:4-98 of this Title, the complaint  and the summons or notice to appear, shall specify the speed at which the  defendant is alleged to have driven and the speed which this article declares  shall be prima facie lawful at the time and place of the alleged violation.

Amended by L.1951, c. 23, p. 88, s. 56.

AKA: NJ Criminal Charge 39:4-99, Violation 39:4-99, Offense 39:4-99

Disclaimer: A copy of this statute has been provided for your information. This wording was current from the NJ website lis.njleg.state.nj.us as of August 2012.