NJ Statute of Limitations for Traffic Offenses

time limitIn New Jersey, one of the most common legal issues is an alleged traffic violation. This can affect anyone at any time, from the most law abiding citizen to a career criminal. But the problems that can result due to a traffic violation can evolve and grow to be very serious, expensive and time consuming.
Like most non-violent legal offenses, there is a statute of limitations (SOL) for a traffic violation, in which the authorities must file the summons within a specific period or it is null and void due to expiration of the required time frame. The statute of limitations for most traffic violations is 30 days, but there are exceptions to this rule.

NJ Traffic Violations with Longer Statutes of Limitations

Some traffic offenses are more dangerous than others and, in an effort to discourage people from flouting the law, New Jersey has different statutes of limitations depending on the infraction. Below are some examples with the number of days before the appropriate statute of limitations expires.

Contact an Experienced NJ Traffic Court Attorney

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If you or a loved one made the mistake of committing any of the above-described traffic infractions, the aftermath can be very expensive and lead to long-term problems. You may or may not have committed the traffic offense you were charged with. In either case, it’s imperative that you find the right lawyer to help you. Throughout New Jersey, in Monmouth County and Ocean County, to the towns of Brick, Red Bank, Belmar and anywhere else, Villani & DeLuca are here to help you.