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shoplifting lawyerIncreased vigilance by Ocean County and Monmouth County business owners, in the form of surveillance equipment and security guards, has resulted in many individuals being charged with the criminal offense of shoplifting. If you try to leave a store in Ocean County or Monmouth County without paying for merchandise, or if you change the price tag on a given item in order to pay less for that item, you may face the criminal charge of shoplifting.

Shoplifting is a serious charge that can result in the following severe penalties:

Shoplifting Penalties in New Jersey

Penalties for shoplifting are related to the value of the merchandise stolen or otherwise misappropriated. Where the merchandise connected with a shoplifting charge has a value of $200.00 or more, the person charged may have his or her case prosecuted in the Superior Court of New Jersey as a second, third or fourth degree crime. Where the value of the merchandise connected with a shoplifting charge is less than $200.00, the person charged will face a disorderly persons offense prosecution before a municipal court judge.

The experienced criminal defense attorneys of Villani & DeLuca, P.C. are familiar with Ocean County and Monmouth County, and know how to defend a shoplifting charge. Through plea agreements and the use of diversionary programs, the New Jersey criminal defense attorneys of Villani & DeLuca, P.C. will work hard and do their best to substantially limit the penalties you are facing.

A Shoplifting Conviction can Affect Your Employment

A shoplifting charge is a criminal charge that can have serious implications for your personal and professional life. If you are either employed or intend on becoming employed as a teacher or employee of a public school system in regular contact with students, a conviction of second or third degree shoplifting will result in your inability to obtain or retain employment as this charge is a “disqualifying” offense barring an individual from employment within a public school system.

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