NJ Assault by Auto

Assault by Auto can Result in an Aggravated Assault Conviction

Assault by Auto LawyerAssault by auto is a type of aggravated assault that is charged when a person causes bodily injury to another while recklessly driving a car. Assault by auto can be either a disorderly persons offense or a crime in New Jersey depending on the location of the incident and the seriousness of the injuries caused by the driver. For example, a charge for assault by auto is elevated to a second degree crime if serious bodily injury results while driving on any school property or through a school crossing.

The 3 elements that must be proven for an assault by auto conviction are:

Use of a Cell Phone while Driving Infers Reckless Driving

As outlined above, an assault by auto conviction requires that the driver was driving a vehicle in a reckless way. For someone to recklessly operate a vehicle, they must drive in a manner creating a risk of injury to a person or damage to property. When it is proven that a motorist was using a cell phone when the injury was caused, it is automatically inferred that the driver was driving recklessly.

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