Little Egg Harbor Divorce Lawyer

Little Egg Harbor Divorce Lawyer

Little Egg Harbor Divorce Lawyer

The township of Little Egg Harbor encompasses a land area of 73.053 square miles in the southernmost section of Ocean County.  It completely surrounds the borough of Tuckerton, with whom it shares the same zip code.  The township suffered widespread damage in 2012 during Hurricane Sandy, especially in the section known as Mystic Island.  In spite of major recovery efforts, many families are still facing financial hardship, especially with the recent denial of additional funds for debris removal from the federal government.  The stress resulting from these types of circumstances can put tremendous strain on a marriage, leading to divorce.  Spouses may also be dealing with complex situations, such as the division of marital property that has gone down in value as a result of hurricane damage.  Even without such complications, it is in your best interest to discuss your rights and options with a divorce attorney.

Little Egg Harbor Visitation Attorney

Visitation is the time that a non-custodial parent may spend with a marital child when the other (“custodial”) parent has sole custody.  A parent that does not have legal custody of the child may still enjoy visitation rights.  Typically, courts allow the non-custodial parent to see the child every other weekend, and one night per week.  The right to visitation is very carefully protected in New Jersey.  A non-custodial parent has a constitutional right to visit their child. Therefore, courts will rarely deny a parent visitation rights.

In most cases, visitation time is unsupervised.  However, if the non-custodial parent has a history of child abuse or is otherwise harmful to the child’s safety, the court may order that the visitation time be supervised by a court appointed official.  If a custodial parent refuses to comply with a visitation schedule, the court may respond by issuing fines against the parent, or in extreme circumstances, by transferring custody to the other parent.  The divorce attorneys at Villani & DeLuca have extensive experience in a variety of family matters in Little Egg Harbor, including visitation disputes.

Little Egg Harbor Township Alimony Lawyer

Alimony (or “spousal support”) is the legal obligation of one spouse to pay money to the other after divorce or separation.  Alimony payments may continue for a limited time until a spouse becomes financially independent.  They may also be permanent.  Courts will consider a variety of factors in determining the amount of alimony owed, including the wealth and ability of each party to pay, the duration of the marriage, each party’s earning capacity, and the contributions of each spouse towards the marriage.

Alimony payments may be modified if a spouse can show that the current amount is too high, due to changed circumstances.  The attorneys at Villani & DeLuca are experienced in wide variety of family law matters, and can help with alimony issues in Little Egg Harbor.

Little Egg Harbor Township Divorce Mediation Services

Divorce is a very stressful process.  Often, courtroom litigation adds to the stress.  It can be an expensive and lengthy process.  The mediation process allows the parties involved to meet outside the courtroom, before a neutral and impartial mediator.  Nearly any issue concerning a divorce or separation can be settled through mediation.

Mediation offers spouses the chance to settle marital issues quickly, inexpensively, and privately.  In most cases, avoiding the courtroom is a desirable alternative.  A mediator is a fair, impartial, and neutral representative who oversees the mediation process. He does not represent either side, and has no stake in the outcome of the mediation. Instead, he works to help both parties through the process, define the issues at stake, and work towards a fair solution.  Vincent C. DeLuca, Esq. is certified as an economic mediator by the Supreme Court of New Jersey, and can assist in all mediation issues.

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