Berkeley Divorce Lawyer

Berkeley Divorce Lawyer

Berkeley Township, New Jersey, is a medium-sized township of just over 40,000 people in central Ocean County. The township is made up of spread out unincorporated areas located around the Toms River. These are Bayville, Manitou Park, South Seaside Park, Pelican Island, Pinewalk, Silver Ridge, Holiday Heights, Holiday City South, and Holiday City-Berkeley.

Miller Air Park is located within Berkeley Township, which is known among locals as the site of the annual Ocean County Fair and the course where new Ocean County drivers take their road tests. Double Trouble State Park and Jakes Branch County Park are also within Berkeley’s borders.

Divorcing couples in Berkeley Township must file with the Ocean County Superior Court Family Division. If the spouses live in separate counties at the time of their divorce, the filing spouse must contact the Superior Court of his or her county to proceed with the divorce.

Child Custody Attorney in Berkeley Township, NJ

In a divorce, rulings about child custody affect the entire family. Hiring an experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate child custody attorney is crucial to ensure the best possible outcome for a family when parents are getting divorced. It is a child custody lawyer’s responsibility to ensure that any minor children affected by divorce are given fair treatment that will result in the most responsive, nurturing, and safe living situation possible.

NJ Statute N.J.S.A. 9:2-4 declares that it is the public policy in New Jersey to assure that children under the age of 18 have regular contact with both parents following a divorce. Both parents are given equal rights and considerations during child custody hearings, and the decision of a custody arrangement is made by considering multiple factors. These include, but are not limited to: both parents’ willingness to cooperate and agree on matters regarding the care of their child; both parents’ willingness to accept custody rulings and their history of cooperation with the other parent; any history of domestic violence; the child’s personal needs; the child’s preference; the stability of each parent’s home environment and fitness to raise the child; the quality and continuity of the child’s education; and the child’s relationships with his or her parents and/or siblings.

Collaborative Divorce Services in Berkeley, New Jersey

Berkeley Divorce LawyerA collaborative divorce is a non-confrontational divorce process that allows couples to decide the terms of their divorce independently of the court. Lawyers are involved to help divorcing couples through this process. In Berkeley Township, NJ, Villani and DeLuca are available to guide couples to an amicable divorce settlement outside the courtroom. This type of divorce often leads to positive outcomes because it encourages mutual respect and allows couples to privately decide the terms of divorce that are best for them and their children, if there are children involved.

Get Help with Child Support Issues in Berkeley, NJ

NJ Statute N.J.S.A. 2A:34-23a declares that child support, money that is paid by a parent to his or her child’s other parent or legal guardian after a divorce, is determined by the family’s personal factors. These factors include, but are not limited to:

  1. Each parent’s income and assets
  2. The child’s personal needs
  3. The child’s need and capacity for education, including post-secondary education
  4. The age and health of the child and parents
  5. Any debts or liabilities carried by the child or parents

If the child suffers from severe physical or mental handicaps that cause him or her to remain financially dependent on a parent, the obligation to financially support that child remains the parents’ responsibility. In these cases, this responsibility is not terminated until the child is no longer financially dependent. This can include the child’s eligibility for public services and benefits for people with disabilities. It can also include a court order to establish a trust for the child’s financial security.

Experienced Berkeley Township Divorce Attorneys

The family lawyers at Villani and DeLuca have proudly served Ocean County and Monmouth County families with divorce and other family law services since 1996. With more than forty years of combined experience in matrimonial law, Villani & DeLuca lawyers have assisted hundreds of families through the divorce process. They have built working relationships with many esteemed financial and mental health professionals who can efficiently assist you in handling all aspects of your case. Contact an experienced Berkeley, NJ divorce lawyer by calling (732) 965-3350 today!