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Beachwood Alimony Attorney

Divorce DecreeIn Beachwood, clients seek assistance with receiving alimony payments. This can be complicated, but the experience of the family law team at Villani & DeLuca enable our lawyers to assist in issues regarding alimony payments in New Jersey divorces.

There are many factors considered by the New Jersey Family Court system in creating the amount and number of alimony payments to be made, including but not limited to: the ability to pay the potential recipient; the duration of the parties’ civil union or marriage; either parent’s custodial responsibilities to their own children; any applicable absence of one of the parties from the job market; etc.

In addition, there are several types of alimony awards in New Jersey: reimbursement; rehabilitative; limited duration; and permanent. Because of the complexities involved in the alimony process, it is best to seek the assistance of a member of our firm rather than going at it alone.  Call Villani & DeLuca today for a free alimony consultation.

Beachwood Child Custody Attorneys

At the heart of many divorce disputes in Beachwood is that of child custody. It can be a very emotional time for parents, grandparents, or other interested parties seeking to gain custodial rights. At the end of the day, Family Courts in New Jersey consider the best interests of the child or children involved to come up with the best arrangement possible.

Regarding custody, New Jersey legislators believe it is the best policy to have both parents share the rights and responsibilities involved in child rearing. Of course, the courts will consider many different factors in coming up with an as amicable solution as possible with the best interests of the child or children in mind.

The child custody factors that a court may consider, in its discretion, include but are not limited to: the parents’ ability to communicate and cooperate in matters involving their child(ren); the child’s preference, if the child is of an age where he or she can make that decision; any job-related responsibilities of the parents; the number of children involved; etc. In addition, it is important to note that, while a parent may be deemed unfit, it must be shown that that particular parent’s conduct has a substantial effect on the child involved.

Beachwood Divorce Mediator

Nowadays, clients are seeking alternatives to the long, tedious process of divorce-related litigation. Mediation is a great tool for this, as it saves both time and money. In addition, as opposed to litigation, which keeps an official record, there is no public court process involved in mediation.

The case is confidential and is only shared with a mediator, who is a neutral third party skilled at crafting and conceptualizing workable alternative solutions to a divorce. Having a Beachwood, NJ mediator to work for you on your divorce is a great alternative in order to protect your privacy, time and – last but certainly not least – your wallet.

Beachwood Family Law Attorneys

At Villani & DeLuca, we commit ourselves to working diligently and effectively to deliver a high caliber of representation at any point during your divorce or other matrimonial-related matter. Our attorneys and their combined years of experience within family law in New Jersey has allowed Villani & DeLuca to build many relationships with financial and mental health professionals that can help assist in various aspects of each case our clients present to us.

If you have determined that you may need legal assistance because your marriage may be coming to an end, take the next step and call us for a free consultation today. Our number is (732) 965-3350. Don’t wait to talk to us, as we can assist you with these and many other divorce related needs.