Barnegat Light Divorce Lawyer

Barnegat Light Divorce Lawyer

Barnegat Light Divorce LawyerBarnegat Light, New Jersey, is a borough of fewer than six hundred people located on Long Beach Island. Barnegat Light sits at the northern tip of the island and borders Loveladies, the Barnegat Bay, the Barnegat Inlet, and the Atlantic Ocean. The borough was named in honor of the Barnegat Lighthouse, which is located within the borough.

Like other towns on Long Beach Island and elsewhere along the Jersey Shore, Barnegat Light’s population swells during the summer months. Renters and homeowners alike flock to Barnegat Light to enjoy the beach and the bay.

Barnegat Light is part of Ocean County, which means that any couple in Barnegat Light that wishes to file for divorce must do so with the Ocean County Superior Court’s Family Division. If the spouses reside in different counties at the time of their divorce, the filing spouse must file for the divorce with the county where he or she lives.

Barnegat Light Domestic Violence Defense Attorneys

New Jersey takes very seriously the accusation and commission of domestic violence. If you are in Barnegat Light and have been the victim of domestic violence by your spouse or significant other, you should quickly seek the services of experienced domestic violence attorneys, like those here at Villani & DeLuca.

If a judge believes it is more likely than not that some form of domestic violence occurred, then a restraining order would be entered, which would prohibit the accused party to contact or otherwise communicate with you. A restraining order can be issued as a temporary order or a final order. The harsher of the two is the latter, which remains in effect until the victim (or court) seeks to remove that order.

These immediate issues surrounding domestic violence in Barnegat Light would likely wind up being handled by the Domestic Violence and Domestic Violence Contempt Unit within the Family Division of the Ocean County court system. These cases are proceeded in Room 175, 1st Floor, Ocean County Justice Complex, 120 Hooper Avenue, Toms River, New Jersey 08753. To reach that unit, their number is (732) 929-2019. Of course, for emergencies arising out of domestic violence, parties should not hesitate to call 9-1-1.

Barnegat Light, NJ Divorce Mediation Services

Clients are often seeking alternatives to the long, tedious process of divorce-related litigation. Mediation is a great tool for this, as it saves both time and money. In addition, as opposed to litigation, which keeps an official record, there is no public court process involved in divorce mediation.

The case is confidential and is only shared with a mediator, who is a neutral third party skilled at crafting and conceptualizing workable alternative solutions to a divorce. Having a Barnegat Light, NJ mediator to work for you on your divorce is a great alternative in order to protect your privacy, time and – last but certainly not least – your wallet. Call Villani & DeLuca to speak with Vincent DeLuca, an experienced divorce mediator.

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Clients can rest assured knowing an attorney from Villani & DeLuca handles their divorce-related matters. Whether it is seeking restraining orders or simply assisting with filing a divorce complaint, our team can assist with your matter expeditiously and effectively. No two cases are alike and cannot be easily generalized through our website. Give us a call for a free consultation as soon as you can so that your case can be discussed in greater detail with a NJ divorce lawyer. Call us at (732) 965-3350 today!