Barnegat Divorce Lawyer

Barnegat Divorce Lawyer

Barnegat Township, New Jersey, is a municipality of about 20,000 people in central Ocean County. It shares its northern border with Waretown, its southern border with Manahawkin, its western border with Woodland Township and its eastern border with the Barnegat Bay. Its proximity to the Barnegat Bay has made Barnegat Township a popular place for boaters and fishermen.

Barnegat Township is known throughout the region for its small downtown with many antique stores. The Forgotten Room, Bay Avenue Antiques, and Unshredded Nostalgia are all antique dealers located in downtown Barnegat. The township is also home to many well-preserved historic houses. Much like the rest of Ocean County, Barnegat has experienced dramatic population growth in the past few decades.

As part of Ocean County, Barnegat couples who wish to file for divorce must do so with the Ocean County Superior Court’s Family Division. The Ocean County Courthouse is located at 118 Washington Street in Toms River, New Jersey.

Barnegat Township Visitation Lawyers

At Villani & DeLuca, we understand that a divorce can be very difficult and emotional. Part of the reason why a divorce becomes a trying time for the family is because there are other parties involved: children. If you have children and you are going through a divorce in New Jersey, take a look at our firm’s free eBook on helping children cope with divorce.

When children are involved, there can be heated custody battles and a New Jersey Family Court would have to decide on the custody arrangement. In addition to the creation of a custody plan, the parties also have to try to come up with their visitation agreement. Deference is given to the parents’ agreements regarding custody and visitation, but if no decision can be made between the parties a Family Court judge may refer them to mediation. In Barnegat, this can be conducted by a neutral attorney trained in the mediation of divorcing parties. If successful, the agreement is filed with the court.

Collaborative Divorce Attorneys in Barnegat Township

Barnegat Divorce LawyerAs previously stated, a divorce can be an extremely painful process. In Barnegat Township, we hope to minimize the misery of being dragged into court by offering an alternative to the traditional divorce process – a “collaborative divorce”. Not everyone is aware of the advantages of this process.

Through a collaborative divorce, Villani & DeLuca clients have the benefit of working with trained, interdisciplinary professionals that take the sting out of the traditional courtroom divorce proceeding. It is a highly effective means of saving money as well as amicably coming to the end of your legal relationship to your partner. Emphasis is placed on the needs of a divorcing couple’s children.

A requirement of taking this route is agreeing beforehand that neither party will file a Complaint for Divorce: complying with this one rule keeps your divorce out of the court system, and places the control into your hands along with the guidance of specially trained attorneys like the collaborative divorce lawyers at our office.

Getting Child Support in Barnegat Township

In Barnegat Township, we serve our clients’ divorce-related needs, including issues surrounding child support. Out of the entire divorce process, this can be the most challenging. Fortunately for divorcing couples in Barnegat Township, our attorneys at Villani & DeLuca are ready to meet your child support needs, including the calculation of how much child support is owed.

This can be a complicated analysis, but among the many factors that a court can consider, a few of them include: the standard of living of each parent; the income and assets of each parent; the earning ability of each parent (which in and of itself considers responsibilities for child care and employment skills and training); the earning abilities of the children themselves; and factors the court itself deems relevant. Give our office a call to discuss at greater lengths what may be considered in child support calculations in New Jersey.

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The attorneys at Villani & DeLuca are more than able to assist in any of your divorce-related needs in Barnegat Township. Please, do not wait to speak with a representative from our office, as we can assist with your matrimonial issues and work with legal, financial, and health professionals to craft practicable and amicable solutions for you and your family. Call (732) 965-3350 today for a free divorce consultation!