West Long Branch Divorce Lawyer

West Long Branch Divorce Lawyer

West Long Branch Divorce Lawyer

Originally known as Mechanicsville, the borough of West Long Branch became an official municipality on May 5, 1908.  Though small in size at only 2.894 square miles, the borough has a comprehensive public school system, and is known as the home of Monmouth University.  This normally quiet and conservative community was rocked by a scandalous divorce in 2009, in which a man named Arthur Kelly accused his wife, Ann of cheating with famous singer, Bruce Springsteen.  After a year of bitter court battles, the couple finally settled on a divorce agreement after Arthur removed the adultery claim from the divorce petition.  Although most marriages are not quite as dramatic, there are many issues that you should discuss with an attorney if you are considering divorce.  An experienced divorce attorney can help protect your interests in many areas, such as child custody, alimony and division of marital property.

Where to File for Divorce in West Long Branch, NJ

West Long Branch is part of Monmouth County. That means that any person seeking a divorce in West Long Branch must file for it with the Family Division of the Monmouth County Superior Court, which is located in the lower floor of the south wing of the Monmouth County Courthouse. The Monmouth County Courthouse is located at 71 Monument Park in Freehold, New Jersey.

Alimony in West Long Branch, NJ

When a couple divorces, each party’s standard of living changes. In cases where one partner’s income was less than his or her spouse’s, an alimony payment plan may be set up to resume that person’s standard of living.

In New Jersey, alimony laws apply equally to married couples and couples who are part of a civil union. By law, West Long Branch and other New Jersey couples’ alimony plans are based on a number of factors. New Jersey Statute 2A:34-23b describes these factors. They include, but are not limited to:

New Jersey recipients of alimony payments must pay taxes on them. Additionally, any person currently making alimony payments may deduct them from his or her taxable income.

Child Custody Attorney in West Long Branch, New Jersey

It is healthiest for children of divorced couples to have regular contact with both parents and maintain stable, healthy relationships with them. Statute N.J.S.A. 9:2-4 requires that children under the age of eighteen spend time with both parents following a divorce. Agreements regarding contact a child has with his or her parents following a divorce are known as child custody arrangements.

Both parents’ rights are considered equally when deciding child custody arrangements during a divorce proceeding. Arrangements are decided after considering multiple factors, all of which relate to the child’s well-being in either parent’s home. Every family has different needs, and there are many points to consider when deciding on a child custody agreement. Some of these points are:

This list is far from complete, and all considerations regarding a child’s interests during a custody hearing will be considered. It is crucial to hire an experienced, compassionate and knowledgeable child custody attorney during this difficult process. Call the family law attorneys of Villani & DeLuca today for a free consultation about your child custody issues.

Experienced West Long Branch Divorce Lawyers

The family law attorneys at Villani & DeLuca have proudly served Ocean and Monmouth County families since 1996. Their more than forty years of combined experience in matrimonial law make Villani & DeLuca the perfect team to help you work through your divorce. Whether it’s child custody, alimony or a restraining order you’re seeking, Villani & DeLuca lawyers are here to help you get what you need.

If you have decided that your marriage has come to an end, take the most important first step and contact an experienced NJ divorce lawyer.  Call a Villani & DeLuca West Long Branch divorce lawyer today at (732) 965-3350 for your free consultation.