Monmouth Beach Divorce Lawyer

Monmouth Beach Divorce LawyerMonmouth Beach Divorce Lawyer

Located along the Jersey Shore, Monmouth Beach is an affluent resort community surrounded by Sea Bright and Rumson.  It borders the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Shrewsbury River to the northwest, making it an ideal location for water sports enthusiasts.  The borough is known for its grand homes and original Victorian structures, and was ranked as one of “America’s Most Expensive Zip Codes” by Forbes Magazine in 2012.  Couples from wealthy communities deal with many complex issues during divorce, especially over alimony, child support and division of martial property.  However, these issues affect couples of every socioeconomic background, and resolving them within a divorce agreement typically requires assistance from a divorce attorney.  An attorney can also refer you to other divorce professionals, such as accountants, family therapists and divorce mediators.  You should also have an attorney review any proposed divorce agreements to ensure that your interests are protected.

Are My Alimony Payments Permanent in NJ?

Alimony payments may be reduced or eliminated entirely if certain qualifications are met. In order to consider marital fault as a factor for reducing alimony payments, the party that seeks to reduce payments must convince a judge that the misconduct of the non-moving spouse was so egregious that it affected the economic lifestyle of that of the moving party.

The million-dollar question would then be: what is considered “egregious?” To be egregious, the spouse’s conduct must have affected the economic life of the parties so badly that the only viable and fair solution is to cut the economic ties between the parties through reducing or eliminating the alimony payment to the misbehaving spouse. Essentially the policy behind this is that cutting the economic tie is the most just result after the misbehaving spouse deprived the other of the economic benefits of marriage.

Some examples of where marital misconduct that affect the payment of alimony are: adultery that affects the financial situation of the household; a conviction of murder, manslaughter, aggravated assault or any other similar crimes resulting in death or serious bodily harm; a conviction of attempt to murder or the conspiracy to murder, etc.

Monmouth Beach Collaborative Divorce Lawyers

Any divorcing couple knows that no divorce is one hundred percent clean cut and easy – there are bumps along the way. Fortunately in this day and age, couples seeking a divorce in New Jersey can seek the “peaceful” divorce, or the collaborative divorce approach.

Through this process, a judge does not make the final decisions in the divorce as is the case in a traditional litigated divorce proceeding. Rather, the collaborative divorce puts the divorcing parties in the driver’s seat to identify the specific and unique needs of the family unit, offering new and better solutions that a court could ever come up with in less time. Not to mention that the cost savings are not minimal. This in turn makes for happier, less stressed divorces.

There is an agreement in every collaborative divorce not to file a formal divorce complaint. This keeps the entire process out of the courtroom. Because this offers such an amicable alternative to traditional divorce, we urge Monmouth Beach clients to consider this a viable option in order to expeditiously handle their divorce for a fraction of the cost and fewer headaches along the way.

Monmouth Beach Visitation Lawyers

One of the biggest reasons that divorces become so heated and emotional are because children are involved. When this happens, custody battles take place, and this invariably leaves the New Jersey Family Court charged with the duty to decide on a custody arrangement. In addition to creating custody plans, parties have to come up with visitation agreements.

While deference is given to parents’ agreements, if there is no consensus then the Family Court judge may refer them to mediation with a professional trained in creating workable solutions for custody and visitation arrangements. If successful, this can be filed and recorded in the same day at the courthouse, saving time and money for our Monmouth Beach clients.

Monmouth Beach Divorce Lawyers

In Monmouth Beach, NJ, our clients can rest assured knowing that our attorneys and dedicated staff can adequately help you navigate the perilous road of divorce and all the issues that come with it. Visitation, collaborative divorce, and modifications of alimony payments are not always straightforward. Therefore, it is imperative to give us a free, no obligation phone call at (732) 965-3350 as soon as possible so that one of our experienced divorce lawyers can figure out the best plan of action that is specific to your case.