Marlboro Divorce Lawyer

Marlboro Divorce Lawyer

Marlboro Divorce Lawyer

Marlboro Township was formed in 1848 from portions of Freehold Township.  It contains the communities of Morgansville and Robertsville.  Marlboro residents have access to air and ferry service, in addition to bus and rail transportation.  The township contains 229.71 miles of roadways, including portions of Route 9, Route 18 and Route 79.  Traffic is especially heavy on Route 9, which connects Marlboro to the Monmouth Vicinage in Freehold.  The Family Division at the Vicinage handles divorce cases, beginning with the filing of the divorce complaint.  There are many complex legal procedures that must take place before a couple is granted the final judgment of divorce by a family court judge.  The court highly recommends that you seek legal advice from a divorce attorney in order to navigate through this process.

Collaborative Divorce Attorneys in Marlboro Township

Divorce can be an extremely painful process. Our Marlboro clients can minimize the misery of being dragged into court by offering assistance with collaborative divorce.

Not everyone is aware of the advantages of this process. By working through this option our clients have the benefit of engaging with trained, interdisciplinary professionals that saves time and money. The collaborative divorce process helps one amicably come to an end result that is highly functional for you and your former spouse.

With collaborative divorce, a real emphasis is placed on the best needs of any children involved. A requirement of taking this route is agreeing beforehand that neither party will file a Complaint for Divorce. By doing this, a couple can avoid the New Jersey courts altogether and can take control of their own divorce with the guiding hand of trained collaborative divorce attorneys like those at Villani & DeLuca.

Where do I File for Divorce in Marlboro, NJ?

Once a complaint is written, many clients ask: where does the divorce complaint get filed? This decision ultimately depends on where the cause of action arose. This means that most couples will file for divorce in the area where they are currently residing. For Marlboro Township residents, that would be the Monmouth County Superior Court. Because of the complexities of filing requirements, our attorneys are more than willing to assist you in the filing of your divorce complaint in the proper locality.

Marlboro Township Attorneys Experienced in Equitable Distribution

Equitable distribution is the court process of dividing marital property (property that belongs to the couple as a unit). At times, this can be a very complicated task, as it involves more than a simple “divide in half” mentality. There are many factors that are considered in the division of marital property.

In fact, a court will look at the income or earning capacity of each party, the needs of the custodial parent (if there are children) as well as any factor a court deems “relevant.” What our clients believe is relevant and what the court finds is relevant may be two completely different ideas. This is an area in which our attorneys can assist.

Our clients should also keep in mind that not all assets are considered “marital” assets. Any property of the spouses as individuals that was obtained either before or after the marriage is not typically included in this equitable distribution calculation. However, if money earned during the marriage is used to purchase assets after the marriage, then that property may be included in the equitable distribution analysis. In addition, gifts and inheritances from third parties are not included in equitable distribution calculations.

Marlboro Divorce Lawyers

These issues are tough ones that require knowledgeable attorneys that have worked through complicated divisions of assets and possess adequate experience with collaborative divorce. Luckily, clients in Marlboro Township can seek our assistance at Villani & DeLuca. We can adequately serve these and all your other divorce related needs in Monmouth County. Give us a call at (732) 965-3350 as soon as possible and we can discuss your case in greater detail.