Holmdel Divorce Lawyer

Holmdel Divorce Lawyer

Holmdel Divorce Lawyer

Holmdel Township is considered one of the most desirable communities to live in New Jersey.  In addition to an award-wining school system, beautiful homes and easy access to New York City, Holmdel contains numerous attractions, such as the Bell Labs Complex and the Vietnam Era Museum & Educational Center.  With a large population of affluent households, most divorces in Holmdel require painstaking calculations and negotiations.  Resolving issues such as child and spousal support, and the division of marital properties typically involves assistance from attorneys, mediators and forensic accountants.  However, complications can arise in any divorce, so you should discuss your right and options with an experienced divorce attorney.  Even if you are pursuing litigation alternatives such as mediation, you will still need your own lawyer for legal advice.  It’s also imperative that you have your attorney review any proposed agreements, since appealing a finalized judgment of divorce is extremely difficult.

Collaborative Divorce Attorney in Holmdel

Collaborative divorce is the process through which spouses settle the terms of a divorce among themselves, with the help of lawyers. Collaborative divorce takes place outside of the courtroom, thereby avoiding the cost, length, and lack of privacy associated with the litigation process. Collaborative divorce offers a shorter and more cost effective alternative to a traditional courtroom divorce proceeding. The attorneys at Villani and Deluca have years of experience negotiating collaborative divorces, and strongly recommend that all clients consider the collaborative option.

While collaborative divorce is often the desirable alternative to the courtroom, it is not for everyone. To be effective, the collaborative divorce process requires that spouses be willing to communicate, negotiate, and give ground where reasonable. While issues from alimony to child support and custody can be settled through collaborative divorce, it may not be the best option if a spouse is unwilling to give ground. The key to the collaborative divorce option is flexibility. A Villani and DeLuca attorney can ensure that cooperative spouses utilize collaborative divorce in the best possible way.

How Do I File for Divorce in Holmdel?

The first step to filing for divorce in Holmdel is to submit a complaint to the family division of the county court where the grounds for divorce took place. Drafting and filing a divorce complaint is not a simple process. A Villani and DeLuca attorney can draft and file an effective divorce complaint, tailored to your expectation.

A complaint is a document submitted by the plaintiff to the court. The complaint describes what the plaintiff is seeking, and lists the grounds on which relief should be granted. A divorce complaint simply states that the plaintiff is seeking a legal divorce, and lists the grounds on which that divorce should be granted. In order to obtain a legal divorce in New Jersey, a plaintiff must provide grounds. Several grounds for divorce are available in New Jersey. These include:

A Villani and DeLuca attorney can assist in drafting a complaint, and reviewing which grounds for divorce may be available to you.

Holmdel Alimony Lawyer

When spouses separate, one spouse may be legally obligated to provide financial support for the other. These payments are known as alimony. The amount of alimony owed depends on the circumstances of the marriage and separation. Courts will consider a variety of factors, including:

The attorneys at Villani and Deluca have extensive experience in alimony disputes, and can assist in making sure your alimony settlement is fair.

Courts may determine that alimony be paid for a fixed amount of time, until the dependent spouse becomes more financially stable. However, if the marriage is particularly long in duration or one spouse is financially vulnerable, alimony payments may be permanent. An experienced Holmdel Villani and DeLuca attorney can explain the complexities of structured alimony payments.

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