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Hazlet Township lies in northern Monmouth County, approximately 37 miles from Manhattan, and 56 miles from Philadelphia.  Hazlet is comprised of several distinct communities including South Keyport, Centerville and Mechanicsville.  The township is close to numerous attractions, such as the Freehold Raceway, Keansburg Amusement Park and the FirstEnergy Park Stadium.  In October 2013, the Holmdel-Hazlet Patch featured an article titled “Collaborative Divorce – Trick of Treat?”  The article discusses how litigation alternatives to divorce can help couples end their marriage in a “dignified and efficient way”.  However, these methods are not workable for marriages involving extreme circumstances such as domestic abuse.  An experienced divorce attorney can help determine the best option for you, while informing you of your rights on many important issues including child custody, alimony, and liabilities for taxes and debts.  An attorney can also refer you to other divorce professionals, such as accountants and therapists.

Filing for Divorce in Hazlet, NJ

Filing for divorce in Hazlet is a simple two-step process. First, the spouse seeking the divorce must file a complaint in the family division of the county court, in the county where the reason for the divorce took place. Second, a copy of the complaint and a summons to appear in court must be delivered (or “served”) to the other spouse. The attorneys at Villani and DeLuca have extensive experience in filing for divorce, and can assist you through the entire process.

A complaint is a document filed with the court by the plaintiff. The complaint simply states what relief the plaintiff wants (here, a divorce) and the grounds upon which that relief should be granted. In New Jersey, there are several grounds available for divorce. In part, these include:

  1. irreconcilable differences for the last six months
  2. adultery
  3. desertion
  4. cruelty
  5. habitual substance abuse
  6. 18 consecutive months of separation

One of these grounds must exist before a divorce can be granted in New Jersey. A Villani and DeLuca Hazlet divorce attorney can assist you through the process of stating grounds for divorce, and drafting a complaint.

Filing a Restraining Order in Hazlet

In order to prevent an individual from potentially causing harm to another person, a court may issue a restraining order. A restraining order is a court order that prevents someone from entering property, or from encroaching on a “buffer zone” around another person. Restraining orders may either be temporary, or permanent. Temporary restraining orders are limited in duration. They are typically issued when it appears that one spouse is in danger of domestic abuse. A permanent restraining order is unlimited in duration, and can only be issued with a specific court finding of domestic abuse.

To file a restraining order, an applicant must appear in court, and explain to a judge why the order is needed. If there is enough evidence of potential danger, a temporary restraining order may be issued. If there is compelling evidence that domestic violence has already taken place, a permanent restraining order may be issued. The attorney at Villani and DeLuca have extensive experience in filing restraining orders, and can assist you in taking the steps you need to keep safe.

Where Do I File for Divorce in Hazlet?

In New Jersey, a spouse must file for divorce in the family division of the county court where the grounds for divorce actually took place. In Hazlet, this is the family division of the Monmouth County Courthouse. However, there are some exceptions to this general rule. If a spouse has been abandoned for over one year, then he may file in the county of his current residence. Finally, if the plaintiff spouse lived outside of New Jersey at the time the divorce action arose, then he may file in the family division of the county where he is currently a resident. The attorneys at Villani and DeLuca specialize in family law disputes, and can help you file for divorce today.

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