Allentown Divorce Lawyer

Allentown Divorce Lawyer

Allentown Divorce Lawyer

Bordering Upper Freehold and Robbinsville Township, the borough of Allentown is known for its abundance of historic homes and buildings.  Although it only spans an area of 0.631 square miles, the borough is home to a thriving shopping district and the Horse Park of New Jersey.  Allentown is limited in direct access roads, but its close proximity to I-95 and the New Jersey Turnpike make it easily accessible from major cities such as Princeton and Trenton.  In July 2014, Allentown’s Village Pharmacy published an article concerning the alarming rate of women who lose health insurance coverage as a result of divorce.  While the article focuses on women, anyone going through a divorce can end up facing financial hardship.  A knowledgeable divorce attorney can assist you with cost-effective methods for resolving your divorce.  An attorney will also provide legal advice that can help you protect your interests long into the future.

Allentown Borough Custody Lawyers

Often a major point of contention in divorces that involve minor children is that of custody: who gets custody of children in New Jersey? What is the standard upon which a court will rely in order to determine the custodial arrangement of children? What is the policy behind these determinations?

First of all, courts attempt to reach a result that is in the best interests of the child, which relies on the public policy of supporting the psychological development of children with their parents. Often then, the custody of a child is awarded to the parent with whom the child has created the greatest developmental bond. Children’s preferences, which may be somewhat persuasive, are not in and of themselves determinative in the custodial arrangement.

Once custody arrangements are determined, the arrangement is recorded with the court. But don’t worry – these arrangements may be modified later by either party with a clear showing as to why that modification should be allowed by the court. This usually requires a showing that there has been a material change to the positions of the respective parties to the divorce and therefore a modification in that case would be appropriate.

What Other Factors Determine Custody?

As per policy, courts favor arrangements that will restore the pre-divorce status quo. Invariably, courts may be more likely to assume that continued habitation in the marital home offers a sense of permanence to the children’s lives. In addition, this house is the home near where the children’s friends live and attend school. What is the highest concern is that the children enter a stable living arrangement post-divorce.

The Complexities of Modern Child Custody Arrangements

Today, couples often develop shared custody agreements, where each parent can participate in the custodial arrangement for their children in as amicable a manner as possible. These custody agreements touch on how parents split their time with their children as well as matters such as religious practices, the education of the children, the dating lives of the respective individual parents, etc.

The list can go on and on, depending on what the parents deem significant enough at the time of the divorce to be memorialized in a custody arrangement. With such complexities, it is important to retain attorneys with plenty of experience handling the drafting of custodial arrangements. Call Villani & DeLuca’s team of divorce lawyers today to discuss your custody arrangement or other divorce matter.

Parental Custody May be Denied by Parental Unfitness

There are some circumstances that demonstrate parental unfitness where a parent’s right to custody may be denied. Of course, these are more extreme cases and do not happen every day, but Allentown divorcing couples should still be aware of these nuances of the law. Some examples of parental unfitness include abandonment of the child, gross misconduct, and other exceptional circumstances.

Allentown Borough Divorce Attorneys

The divorce lawyers at Villani & DeLuca are waiting to take your call. Our attorneys are ready to hear about your individual case and help you reach the best outcome possible. During these trying times, you need to be able to trust an experienced team of divorce attorneys that will ensure that your family-related interests surrounding your marriage are fought for. If you are located in Allentown Borough and believe that your marriage will soon end, call Villani & DeLuca right away at (732) 965-3350 for a free, no risk consultation so that we can get started with the particulars surrounding your case.