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Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney

Partner Vincent DeLuca, Esq. is one of a limited number of Ocean County attorneys certified as a Matrimonial Law Attorney by the Supreme Court of New Jersey. This designation is only achieved by attorneys who have distinguished themselves by demonstrating a high level of experience, knowledge and overall skill in the practice of matrimonial law. The certification program used in New Jersey helps the public find attorneys who have demonstrated proficiency in a specialized field of law.

Specially Trained Court-Approved Family Law Mediator

In addition to providing conventional divorce services, the family law attorneys at Villani & DeLuca are experienced in both mediation and collaborative law divorce, private alternatives to traditional litigation. Partner Vincent DeLuca is a Rule 1:40 Family Law Mediator, trained in divorce mediation by a distinguished panel of highly experienced mediators through a series of lectures, demonstrations, exercises and role plays. As a result, Mr. DeLuca is knowledgeable in effectively managing conflict and providing parties with strategies pertaining to the divorce mediation process.

Local Ocean and Monmouth County Experience

Villani & DeLuca family law attorneys, Vincent DeLuca, Michael Ayres and Gina Ravaschiere, have all worked for family court judges in Monmouth and Ocean Counties prior to joining the firm. As judicial law clerks, they saw firsthand how the courts operate, as well as how the judges decide the cases brought before them. This experience provided each attorney with information that has since proven to be invaluable to their legal careers.

Founding Member of Collaborative Law Group

Family law attorney and partner, Vincent DeLuca is a past President of the Jersey Shore Collaborative Law Group. As one of its founding members, Mr. DeLuca helped form the organization in 2005 to provide a platform for the promotion of the use of the collaborative legal process to resolve divorces and other family law related disputes.

Extensive Education & Training

Villani & DeLuca family law attorneys keep up with New Jersey laws and the legal practice by regularly attending CLE (continuing legal education) seminars and training throughout the area.  Below is a list of some of the courses they have attended in recent years.

  • Changes in Economy and the Effect on Changed Circumstances
  • Oral Arguments
  • Parenting Time of Teenagers Who “Don’t Want to Go”
  • Ethics in Family Law
  • Civil Union and Domestic Partnership Dissolution Issues
  • E-Discovery and Social Media for Family Lawyers
  • Defaults
  • Child Support Guidelines
  • Helpful Tips from the Bench and Prosecutor
  • Pendente Lite Motion
  • Child Custody Trials
  • Determining the Dividing Line Between Permanent Alimony and Limited Duration Alimony
  • Special Consideration in Cases Involving Special Needs Children
  • Domestic Violence
  • Fee Arbitration and Collection
  • Trial Techniques
  • Collaborative Law and Ethics
  • Settlement and Pre-Trial Conferences
  • Tax Issues and Bankruptcy
  • Order to Show Cause
  • Annual Family Law Digest
  • Mediation and Business Evaluations
  • Custody Evaluations and CNA
  • Prevention of Domestic Violence Act

Favorable Reputation

No Villani & DeLuca attorney has ever been the subject of any type of disciplinary proceeding. Our family law attorneys are currently in good standing with multiple State and local Bar Associations. We will gladly provide prospective Villani & DeLuca clients with references upon request.

Personalized Legal Advice

If you need help with divorce, mediation, collaborative divorce, alimony, child support, child custody or domestic violence, the experienced lawyers at Villani & DeLuca P.C. can help. The family law attorneys at Villani & DeLuca are uniquely qualified to help you navigate your way through the complex legal landscape surrounding your specific family law issue. Call 732-965-3350 today to schedule a free initial consultation with a Villani & DeLuca attorney.