New Jersey Swimming Pool Injury Protection

During the hot summer days, what better way to cool off than to go swimming in a pool? Though jumping in a backyard pool can be fun and relaxing, it can also be very dangerous if premises is not pool area is poorly maintained.. Many already know that someone can drown in less than two inches of water and can even sustain brain damage from submersion for only a minute or two. Yet, every year, over five hundred children under the age of ten drown in swimming pools, and thousands more go to hospital emergency rooms because of swimming pool incidents. These swimming pool injuries can be caused as a result of negligent actions or lack of maintenance or because of an absence of supervision.Swimming Pool Injuries

Swimming Pool Injury and Premises Liability Protection

Even if the property owner is not at fault for the injury, he or she can still be charged with a lawsuit. Pool owners must take precautionary action to ensure proper protection, whether at a private residence, private club or a public setting. Pool owners have a responsibility to keep patrons safe. Because a pool is considered a part of the property, premises liability rules will typically apply. If you have lost a loved one or were severely injured due to the negligence of a pool owner or water park operator, it is important to see a New Jersey swimming pool accident lawyer to represent your personal injury claim.

Prevent Pool Injuries

Swimming pool injuries can happen in or out of the water. They can be the result of a slippery surface around the pool, inattentive lifeguards or unintended access to the water due to a broken fence or gate. Pool owners must ensure the pool area is fenced in, non-slip materials are used throughout the entire pool area, clearly label shallow areas and enforce strict swimming safety rules.

Most swimming pool injuries in New Jersey can be prevented through proper pool maintenance and supervision. More tips to decrease the swimming pool injuries/accidents that commonly occur include:

  • Always make sure children are being supervised when swimming
  • Teach children basic swimming/water safety
  • Make sure children know that going near drains and filters are dangerous
  • Have a phone close by in case of emergency
  • Learn how to perform CPR on children and adults
  • Make sure the pool is entirely fenced in
  • Have lifesaving equipment available for use
  • Keep water clean and clear or debris

New Jersey Swimming Pool Accident Attorney

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