Manimony: Men Need Alimony Too

Alimony for Men

Many men going through divorce feel that asking for alimony can be a sign of weakness, and may refuse to take money from their higher-earning ex-wives. Some often think that alimony is only for the unemployed or spouses who need to go back to school. Today, more and more women are considered to be the breadwinners of their family and are paying their ex-husbands child support and alimony in New Jersey. It’s humorously referred to as “manimony”.

Not all situations include those we see in Hollywood’s spotlight of high-paid celebrities like Britney Spears’ settlement to Kevin Federline, reportedly at $40,000 a month. Women are now the top earners in one-third of all marriages and more often, men have become the primary caregivers, putting their careers on hold while they take care of children at home. So, when marriages fail (as 50% of them reportedly do), women have a greater responsibility to pay alimony and child support.

Do you Deserve ‘Manimony’?

The Uniform Marriage and Divorce Act of 1970 gave men as well as women the right to ask for alimony. Up until the 1980s, however, there were only a handful of cases in the U.S. in which a woman was ordered to give money to her spouse in a divorce case. But as the number of alimony cases increases, attitudes are gradually beginning to change. Regardless of your sex, if you’ve given up your career to raise the kids, or if you’ve made sacrifices in your career so that your spouse’s career can grow, you may be eligible for alimony payments.

Requesting ‘Manimony’

It’s important to be prepared if you think you deserve manimony:

• Calculate your expenses – After your divorce, find out what will your living expenses will be including rent, utilities, internet, insurance and transportation. Tally up all of your monthly expenses going forward and then determine if you can meet them on your own. If you can’t, then you may be able to ask the court for alimony in New Jersey.

• Determine you worth of contributions – Were you the main care taker of the children? Did you manage all of the household chores and maintain the cars? Calculate how much all of that time and effort was worth and try to figure out what it would have cost to outsource those same jobs. This will put a value on all of your household contributions.

• Speak up – Not all women resent paying money to their exes — and not all men feel uncomfortable receiving alimony. Don’t hesitate, talk to one of our knowledgeable lawyers about your situation to help you determine if you have a good case. Divorce can be a costly affair to go through, no matter if you are a male or a female.

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