The Important Role that a Divorce Attorney’s Secretary has in the Handling of Your Divorce Case

Importance of Your Divorce Attorney's SecretaryWhen going through a divorce, it is very important that the individual not only has a good relationship with his or her attorney, but that he or she also has a good relationship with the attorney’s support staff, inclusive of junior associates and the secretarial staff.

The matrimonial secretaries at Villani & DeLuca, P.C. have in excess of 40 years combined experience.  The secretaries are intimately familiar with all aspects of your case and they handle all correspondence and or telephone calls that come from our office, as well as all correspondence that is received by the office from any other party with an interest in the matter.  The secretary assigned to your case can provide you with valuable information as to what discussions have taken place between the attorneys and also provide you with information as to when the attorney will be able to return your phone call or meet with you to discuss your case.

Roles of an Attorney’s Secretary in a Divorce Matter

The legal secretary acts like an air traffic controller for the attorney.  The secretary is responsible for coordinating the attorney’s schedule as well as calendaring any and all dates for court appearances, office appointments and settlement conferences.  At the Law Firm of Villani & DeLuca, the matrimonial secretaries have substantial authority in scheduling appointments, court dates and frequently interact with the clients on a daily basis.  Effective communication is one of the most important aspects of any legal practice.  As the lawyer’s right hand, the matrimonial secretary serves as a liaison between the clients, the courts and opposing counsel.  The secretaries at Villani & DeLuca pride themselves on their ability to communicate clearly and effectively with all of our clients on a regular basis.

Skills Required of a Legal Secretary

The secretaries at Villani & DeLuca are required to have a certain skill set that includes, but is not limited to, typing, computer knowledge and the ability to conduct legal research and writing.  Prior to making the decision on which attorney you are going to retain to represent you in your contemplated divorce, please make sure to ask the attorney during your initial consult with him or her whether or not you can have the opportunity to meet his or her secretary.  It is not only imperative to have a good relationship with your attorney, but you should also have a good relationship with the attorney’s entire staff.

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