Has Your Teen Been Caught With a Fake ID in New Jersey?

For some young adults and teenagers in New Jersey, waiting until their twenty-first birthday feels way too long to experience their first drink. Many college students and even high school teens try to use fake ids to get into bars and clubs or to buy alcohol for house parties. Underage drinking is considered one of the top problems in Monmouth and Ocean County, NJ during the summer months. It doesn’t matter if they borrow (or steal) it from an older sibling or whether they buy it on a sketchy website. Those who are underage take major risks by using a fake id and many do not realize the consequences of getting caught.

Possession of a Fake ID

Has Your Teen Been Caught With a Fake ID in New Jersey?

A new trend for those purchasing fake IDs is to do to so with their actual names on them so they match their student ID (which many bars are now asking to see). There is a chance that a bouncer or cashier at a liquor store will confiscate the fake id and throw it away if they realize it is fake. However, on most occasions, they will keep it, contact the authorities and hand it off to a police officer. Underage alcohol laws in New Jersey are taken very seriously, whether it involves underage alcohol possession, consumption, underage drinking and driving, possession of a fake ID or providing alcohol to minors, our Underage Drinking attorneys have the skills and experience to protect the rights for those charged.

Teen Caught With a NJ Fake ID?

During the summer and beginning months of the college school year, fake ID usage is very common. Initiatives like “Cops in Shops” have been put in place to specifically combat underage drinking (2C:33-15) and enforce fake ID laws (2C:21-2.1) at the Jersey Shore. The penalties associated with getting caught can be harsh including hefty fines and a license suspension. Plus, using a fake ID could be costly to your child’s future school and job search which is why hiring an experienced and qualified criminal defense attorney is a must. We know how to position you for the best possible outcome and will fight hard to keep your child’s record clean.

Experienced Ocean County and Monmouth County NJ Criminal Defense Attorney Helps Clients Charged with Using Fake IDs

Ensure your child’s rights and future are fully protected by choosing the right New Jersey lawyer. At Villani & DeLuca, P.C. our experienced legal team represents individuals in Monmouth County and Ocean County, NJ who are facing criminal charges for fake ID charges. We can be reached 24 hours a day and 7 days a week at 888-389-9533. The process is easy; simply start by setting up your free consultation today so we can build a strong defense for your case.