Handling Insurance Adjusters After Your Injury

insurance-claim-300x200There is a lot confusion surrounding insurance adjusters: people are often curious what their job includes and may not even know it when they are speaking to one. Insurance adjusters can work for insurance companies or an independent third party. They investigate the facts surrounding an insurance claim and handle possible settlements. They can be difficult to identify because they use a multitude of titles including claims representative or claims specialist. Make no mistake, however, their duty and goal is to get the best possible deal for the insurance company. They do not necessarily have your goals in mind. Given that they are experts in their field and most citizens are not, it is important to understand how insurance adjusters work in order to make sure you get the money you deserve.

How the Personal Injury Claim Process Works

Before interacting with an insurance adjuster, make sure you understand how the process operates. In many cases, an insurance claim is a settlement negotiation. After someone files a personal injury claim or sends a demand letter, the process starts. The personal injury claim gives the adjuster the basic information needed and he or she begins to investigate further. The claims representative is hoping to find some sort of discrepancy in the story or other reason to give a lower offer. He then proposes a counteroffer to the original of the client. From here the process is essentially a negotiation. Both sides pitch resolutions until they can agree on an outcome. This process can be confusing and cutthroat. The best way to approach these negotiations is to get an experienced, qualified personal injury attorney on your side to intercede with the insurance adjuster.

It is the goal of the adjuster to resolve every claim, without hurting the profit of the company. There is an authorized limit to the amount they can give. Anything above that amount requires a supervisor to get involved – something the individual claims specialist prefer to avoid. It is important to understand that each insurance adjuster has their own personal goals they need to achieve. The person is likely not maliciously out to give people less money, but their job is to keep the payout number as low as possible. For this reason, speaking to an insurance company can be tricky.

Villani & DeLuca recommends that individuals obtain legal help before they begin pursuing an insurance claim. Often, the attorney can simply deal with the issue on behalf of the client. Practiced personal injury attorneys have a history of negotiating with insurance companies and insurance adjusters and are able to leverage this experience to your benefit. This results in a larger payment and less stress on the client.

In short, the average claimant’s inexperience in dealing with insurance adjusters ends up costing them significantly in the final settlement. The insurance company relies on this to pay out the lowest dollar amount possible, and keep their bottom line down.

If you are hurt in a car accident or have any other personal injury insurance claim: don’t assume that the insurance company and adjust will automatically give you the amount that you are owed. Enlist the help of trained personal injury attorneys at Villani & DeLuca to get the best deal possible, so you can move on with confidence. Your personal injury attorney will act as a buffer between you and the insurance company, protecting you from providing any information that may unintentionally lower your settlement and helping you get the best deal possible.