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Monmouth County police are cracking down on drugs, with an increase of drug raids and arrests for heroin, cocaine, marijuana and prescription drugs. Facing a drug charge can be scary, confusing and stressful; it pays to have a Monmouth County Drug Possession Lawyer who understands what you are going through and can help you every step of the way.

Whether it’s a charge for possession of a small amount of marijuana, a prescription drug charge, or you were caught with a bong at a concert and face a drug paraphernalia charge; defend your NJ drug charge with an experienced and aggressive lawyer.

The attorneys at Villani & DeLuca P.C. will provide valuable information concerning your defenses and the NJ criminal justice system as they relate to the NJ drug possession laws and classifications. Call for a free consultation on your drug case today at 888-389-9533. During your free initial consultation, one of our experienced lawyers will discuss with you all aspects of your charge and how we can help defend your case.

New Jersey Drug Laws

NJ drug laws are tough; the severity of your drug possession charge depends on a few factors including the quantity found to be in your possession. This determines if the charge will be elevated from possession to possession with the intent to distribute (which is a far more serious charge). Drug charges that involve the manufacturing or sale of drugs can result in jail or prison time and/or a lengthy period of probation. In addition, the classification of drugs involved will also have an impact. For example, Possession of Illegal Drugs, Possession of Prescription Drugs, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia will all have different penalties.

Whether your arrest or charge happened in Monmouth County, Ocean County, or any other county in the Garden State, all New Jersey municipalities are subject to the same laws. Depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding your individual case as well as whether you have a prior criminal history, you may be eligible for a diversionary program such as PTI, a conditional discharge or drug court.

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If you or a family member have been charged with possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia, contact the lawyers at Villani & DeLuca immediately to help represent your interests in court. Our Monmouth County drug lawyers are in the courts every day, and know the judges and prosecutors that will be involved in your case.

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