How Expensive Is a Divorce? Less Than You Think, If You Follow These 5 Steps

Are you considering a divorce but are concerned that it might not be worth it because of the costs? An average contested divorce can range somewhere between $15,000 and $30,000. Well, not all divorces have to be that expensive. Here are five steps to keep your divorce costs down:

5 Ways to Avoid Costly Divorce

1. Parenting Issues

If you have children, you should aim to find reasonable solutions to custody and all kinds of parenting issues. For instance, if you and your spouse end up arguing over small details regarding your child’s future, you may end up spending an unnecessary amount of money during the process. Your child’s future is, of course, the most important aspect of the divorce, but not every detail needs to be drawn out. Try to come to an agreement on the pressing issues that you and your spouse need to decide before the divorce is finalized.

2. Flexibility

Flexibility extends beyond child custody arrangements. For instance, you should also try to be flexible when it comes to monetary issues. If you fight over a relatively insignificant amount of money during the process, you may end up owing more in fees than the amount itself. Luckily, a qualified divorce attorney can help advise you during the process in order to make sure the process is not unnecessarily lengthy and expensive. However, some issues are worth making a stand for, so weigh your priorities.

3. Preparation

Being prepared before you sit down with your lawyer is always a big help and can expedite the process. If you come prepared with bank statements and other monetary information regarding your personal financing, you will have a head start on the process. Record average expenses and be accurate with all personal income. This is important when considering issues such as spousal support.

4. Take the High Road

In certain situations, you may want to take the high road. While having principals is important, it is sometimes better to be aware of your financial reality. Do not let pride get the better of you if it is going to end up costing you more money down the road.

5. Divorce Services

Traditional divorces are not the only option you have when divorcing your spouse. Divorce mediation is one such service that can help speed up the process while also saving you money in the long and short term. Your wallet will thank you later. Mediators are hired to facilitate the process between both sides. This can lead to a more agreeable separation and a more favorable financial situation for both parties.

If you are interested in learning more about divorce services and how they can help you, contact a Villani & DeLuca divorce lawyer today.