The Inside Information on Divorce Forms

Divorce Forms, Do it Yourself for Free. Low Cost Divorce Services… What To Look Out For.

Often, individuals or couples contemplating divorce will contact one of the divorce form companies that advertise in the newspaper and internet, with catchy phrases such as, “Uncontested Divorce Forms” $199, etc. Although in today’s poor economy the idea of getting divorced for $199 or less is quite attractive, Individuals must be careful and make sure that they understand all of their rights as it pertains to divorce proceedings. Typically these document preparation services are run by individuals who are not attorneys and the forms they provide you, whether draft complaints or proposed marital settlement agreements, will not meet your needs. From our experience, often the more important information is left out of the form or not covered in enough detail. For instance, every marital settlement agreement should have provisions that address child support, life insurance to protect the child support obligations as contemplated by the agreement, allocate responsibility for certain debts, include provisions as it relates to the division of personal property, as well as contain the appropriate language to divide various retirement accounts and other assets. Quite often individuals who retain these companies to prepare the divorce forms appear in Court unprepared and may be scolded by the Judge as a result of their lack of understanding about the process and the meaning of the forms that have been provided to them by a document preparation service.

If you are contemplating a divorce and you do not have a significant amount of assets, it is still in your best interests to contact an attorney who is well versed on the laws of the State of New Jersey. Furthermore, if you have a large amount of marital debt, you will likely require a divorce attorney to help you navigate through complex areas of the law.

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