What Happens During a Divorce Mediation in Ocean County?

Divorce Mediation in Ocean CountyGoing through a divorce can be emotional and trying at the best of times. No matter how amicable proceedings start out initially, there is always a risk that they will degenerate as details are exposed in court. Which is why there has been a growing interest in divorce mediation in Ocean County to help divorcing parties reach a settlement in a cooperative manner. Mediation allows the both parties to keep control of the process and the terms of the divorce (and is usually less expensive, too).

Divorce Mediation in Ocean County

Whilst divorce proceedings in court are necessary in certain situations, in many cases they can be resolved with divorce mediation. Mediation is a type of alternative dispute resolution (often called “ADR”) in which both parties agree to use a neutral person, known as a mediator, to assist them in negotiating (and agreeing upon) a voluntary settlement. This allows them to solve their family issues without the threat of contested litigation hanging over proceedings.

Divorce Mediation: Resolve Your Divorce or Separation Out of Court

If you wish to actively and collaboratively participate in and take control of your divorce, mediation can provide the ideal solution. Instead of involving the courts, this process entails the appointment by both parties and their respective divorce attorneys of a neutral third party, the “mediator” (both parties usually share the cost of the mediator). The mediator keeps the lines of communication open and works through the relevant issues with the couple and their lawyers, in an effort to reach a settlement acceptable to both sides.

Stress Reduction: Another Benefit of Mediation

Family matters can be sensitive and emotional; mediation is a practicable alternative to litigation and generally less costly, too. During this difficult and seemingly overwhelming situation, a divorce mediation can break the process up into small manageable steps allowing for a less stressful resolution. The calming structure of the mediation process also provides significant advantages for children as well – protecting them from unnecessary conflict. Unlike litigation, the divorce mediators in Villani & DeLuca’s Ocean County office move quickly and focus on both parties’ best interests and a flexible resolution.

Where To Turn For Trusted And Qualified Representation

Based in Point Pleasant Beach, the collaborative divorce lawyers at Villani & DeLuca represent individuals in Ocean County and the surrounding areas, encouraging them to resolve their differences by way of civil and non-adversarial means. Our family law partner, Vincent DeLuca Esq. is a collaborative divorce attorney and certified divorce mediator, as well as currently being the only Ocean County attorney member of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts.

Here at Villani & DeLuca, our team of trusted family lawyers are just a phone call or a click away; call us for your free initial consultation at 888-389-9533. We can help you determine if your case may be suitable for mediation, so get in touch today and we will inform and guide you through the legal options for your case.