The Difficulties Associated with Negotiating a Divorce Settlement Agreement

Divorce Settlement AgreementBy its very nature, divorce is a legal proceeding that is fraught with emotional issues that sometimes can cause the individuals involved to take positions that do not represent their best interests and are often times opposed to what is best for them and their family.  When an individual is going through a divorce they are faced with all kinds of uncertainties as it relates to their future, from a financial perspective as well as from a child rearing perspective.

A divorce is often the first time an individual is interacting with the courts and the court system.  Another difficulty associated with negotiating a divorce settlement agreement is that there is no winner or loser in the traditional sense of those words.  The best result has nothing to do with getting the most amount of money or paying the least amount of money.

A Good Divorce Attorney Will Make Sure Your Divorce Settlement Agreement is Fair

A good divorce attorney is experienced in dealing with the emotions associated with going through the divorce process.  The attorney should provide the client with an independent, clear legal analysis as to the facts as they present themselves in the client’s case.  A good attorney must also make sure that emotions, such as guilt, do not cause a litigant to give more and ask for less than that person would otherwise be entitled to.  Often times the guilty party will give in to the demands of the other side because he or she feels bad about “causing” the divorce.  The guilt subsides over time and after the fact, the litigant will regret his or her decision to agree to the unfair settlement terms.

An experienced attorney will spend the time with the client to ensure that such feelings as guilt or other emotional motivating factors do not cause the client to enter into an agreement that is one sided or not in the family’s best interest.  In order to protect yourself from the emotional turmoil associated with a divorce proceeding, it is essential that you speak with an experienced certified matrimonial law attorney.

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