Fines Increased for Cell Phone Violations in Motor Vehicles

Effective today, the fines for cell phone violations while driving in New Jersey has been increased.  “Use” of a wireless phone under this law includes, but is not limited to, talking or listening to another person, texting, and sending or receiving electronic messages.  First-time offenders, under the NJ cell phone law (39:4-97.3), found texting or talking on any hand-held wireless device will be fined a minimum of $200.  If it’s your second cell phone offense, the fine is increased to a minimum of $400.  Those caught driving while talking on a hand-held device for the third time not only face a minimum $600 fine, but also a possible 90-day driver’s license suspension and 3 motor vehicle points on their driving record.

Use Your Cell Phone Safely While Driving in NJ

New Jersey drivers may use a cell phone or other wireless device in a hands-free manner, such as through a Bluetooth device.  To drive safely and avoid a violation under this law, both of your hands must be on the steering wheel at all times.  The only exception is when the driver may use a handheld phone in the case of an emergency while keeping one hand on the wheel.

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