Carmine Villani, Esq. Attends the 2015 Mastering Scientific Evidence Seminar

ncdd20thThis weekend (March 26-28, 2015), Carmine Villani, Esq. will attend the 22nd Annual Mastering Scientific Evidence (MSE) Seminar held at the Royal Sonesta in New Orleans, Louisiana. The National College for DUI Defense (NCDD) and the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (TCDLA) are co-sponsoring the event which is widely known as the premier DWI/DUI scientific evidence seminar in the country. MSE is a gathering of eminent DUI attorneys from around the country and focuses on the latest techniques in using science to defend clients accused of impaired driving.

Villani & DeLuca Partner Carmine Villani has attended many courses covering training on some of the essential components of DWI law. He is trained in the proper administration of the standardized field sobriety tests and the proper use of the Alcotest breath testing device, the machine currently used to calculate drivers’ blood alcohol concentration in New Jersey. In addition, in July 2014, Mr. Villani taught a continuing education seminar at the DWI Institute to NJ lawyers, addressing breath test refusal charges and their consequences.

About the Seminar

The Mastering Scientific Evidence seminar is a one of a kind three-day program said to be the premier program for any DUI Defense Attorney who truly wants to understand the science behind DUI defense. Dedicated to legal issues in forensic toxicology and other impaired driving scientific disciplines, attendees can attend lectures from some of the country’s foremost experts in forensic science. In addition, they will have a chance to sit in on a mock trial in which they can observe some of the concepts they learned during the seminar applied in a courtroom setting.

The knowledge conveyed by the presentations and experiences of the experts and lawyers presenting for this seminar is essential to any lawyer practicing DWI/DUI defense anywhere in the United States. The topics at this year’s seminar range from “SFSTs: Why Age and Weight Produce False Results”, “Marijuana and DWI-For Real?”, “Prescription DWIs-Therapeutic versus Intoxication”, “Liquid Chromatography and Mass Spectroscopy”, and “The Fallacies of Drug Recognition Evaluation Validation.”

About the Co-Sponsors

The National College for DUI Defense, Inc. (NCDD) is a professional, non-profit corporation dedicated to the improvement of the criminal defense bar, and to the dissemination of information to the public about DUI Defense Law as a specialty area of law practice.
The Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (TCDLA) is the largest state association for criminal defense attorneys in the nation. TCDLA hosts more than 40 seminars each year, providing the highest quality legal education available for new lawyers, as well as seasoned veterans.

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