Carmine Villani Chosen as Presenter at 2014 DWI Institute

Criminal Defense Attorney-Client PrivilegeVillani & DeLuca Partner Carmine Villani was chosen to be a presenter at the 2014 DWI Institute, presented by the New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education yesterday.  The seminar included a group of highly respected DWI attorneys from all over New Jersey, who presented on different areas of DWI law, walking through the chronology and issues that arise in a typical DWI case.

Mr. Villani spoke to the group of CLE attendees on a number of topics regarding drunk driving and refusal charges, highlighting the various penalties and consequences of a DWI charge and the breath test refusal charge.

In addition to speaking engagements at this and other New Jersey seminars for continuing legal education, Mr. Villani has attended courses covering training on some of the essential components of DWI law.  He is trained in the proper administration of the standardized field sobriety tests and the proper use of the Alcotest breath testing device, the machine currently used to calculate drivers’ blood alcohol concentration in New Jersey.

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