The Best Strategy for a NJ Divorce Mediation

Best Divorce Strategy

In order for a divorce mediation to be successful, both spouses must be committed to the mediation process.  What this means is that each spouse must be both open and honest with one another in sharing information with the mediator about their marital assets, as well as ancillary issues in dispute.  Both litigants must have complete faith and trust in the divorce mediator and believe he or she is fully qualified to assist them in resolving their differences.  It is suggested that both spouses have input as to the selection of the divorce mediator.  In the event that one of the spouses has found a mediator that he or she deems qualified, they should immediately share that information with the other spouse to determine if they feel the same way about the mediator.

Selecting a Divorce Mediator

In selecting a divorce mediator you should make sure that he or she is qualified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a mediator.  You should inquire as to whether or not the mediator is on the Court’s roster of Economic Mediators.  In order to become a court-approved mediator, a lawyer must comply with the mandates of New Jersey Court Rule 1:40-12.

You should also inquire of the mediator during the interview process whether or not he or she receives referrals from the judges in the area to handle complex divorce matters.  You want to retain the services of a mediator who is familiar with the judge assigned to your case, as that mediator may have valuable insight as to how your case will be resolved if your case is tried to its conclusion.

The rules require that an individual must be in good standing in his or her profession and meet specific criteria, such as a certain number of years of professional experience and educational training.  In addition, family court mediators must hold a graduate degree and must receive training in mediation techniques and supervised experience in mediation.  The training requirements include the completion of a forty hour course, which covers mediation skills and specialized training in family law and child development, as well as divorce procedures.

Most importantly, in order to determine whether the mediator that you have selected is right for you, you should arrange for a face to face meeting with the mediator and your spouse.  During this initial session, you and your spouse will be able to look the mediator in the eye and make a determination as to whether or not the mediator’s demeanor, style and knowledge meets with you and your spouse’s approval.  A good mediator can be vital in assisting you and your spouse through this difficult process.

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