Arrested Comportment: Behavior After Arrest

How You Behave After Your Arrest Can Affect Your Outcome

Behavior when arrestedIt is important to act as politely and civilly as possible while being arrested. This can be difficult. It is a highly stressful experience and law enforcement can often seem to be being overly rough or aggressive when you are on the receiving end. A citizen, however, should avoid acting on those feelings for their own personal and legal well-being. Many people forget that most police cars come equipped with cameras that record everything out of the front windshield. This means that your behavior after arrest is recorded and admissible in court. If a person acts violently or seems unstable during the procedure, their behavior can be used against them in court as an example of their character. Moreover, acting belligerent or disrespectful can cause officers to treat the person being arrested with less dignity and consideration.

The Proper Way to Act in an Arrest

The best way to deal with an arrest is to stay relaxed. Always try to speak in a rational tone despite how hectic the situation can be. Think of it as a procedure. Everyone involved in the action is a professional just moving through the motions. Help that process go along smoothly because it will occur regardless of your attitude to it.

This does not mean that people being arrested should assist the police in finding them guilty of the crime or misdemeanor. The individual has total control of what he or she says and what he or she does not. An officer cannot force a person to say something incriminating. After all, it is clearly stated that, “anything you say can be used against you in a court of law.” Keep conversation to a minimum unless it is pleasant small talk in the hopes of better treatment. It is also reasonable to give the officers simple information such as a social security number, name, or street address. To not do so will only make their jobs harder. That information will be found eventually, so delaying their knowledge of it serves no purpose.

In short, be polite and business-like. The faster the police can get you through their system the happier they will be. Don’t give them extra information, but allow them to have the basics. Keep a calm demeanor. Don’t act impulsively. Wait to be released and then deal with the situation properly. And most importantly, call your lawyer as soon as possible. Your lawyer will be able to help ensure that you are treated fairly, legally and with respect.

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