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Fake ID Charges on Long Beach Island

LBI Criminal LawyersAlthough Long Beach Island is home to multiple municipalities, the laws are the same throughout them. In New Jersey, possession or creation of a fake identification document is a criminal offense. The charges differ depending on whether the possessor created or simply used a fake ID purchased or borrowed from someone else.  If you have been caught trying to use a fake ID at a local LBI bar, like the Marlin, the Sea Shell Resort or Joe Pop’s, it is important to contact a Long Beach Island criminal lawyer to find out what your charges really entail.

Using a fake ID to appear older in order to purchase cigarettes, alcohol, pornography, or entrance to an adults-only venue will result in a minimum $500 fine. If the individual using the fake ID was younger than seventeen years old at the time of his or her arrest, he or she will not be able to acquire a New Jersey driver’s license until six months following his or her seventeenth birthday. If the individual already has a driver’s license, it may be suspended for up to two years.

Fake ID’s can also be used in immigration and employment fraud. This is a fourth degree crime and may result in required community service hours, jail time, driver’s license suspension and fines.

Charged with Harassment on LBI?

Harassment is a blanket term that refers to a wide range of actions that are committed to annoy, scare, mislead, or otherwise harm another. Examples of harassment include the use of foul or coarse language to intimidate a victim during conversation, repeated telephone contact following the victim’s request to be left alone, telephone or other contact repeatedly conducted at hours inconvenient to the victim, physical contact such as shoving, pushing, or kicking the victim, purposely scaring a victim with one’s behavior, and repeatedly contacting a victim with the intent to annoy him or her.

Harassment charges can lead to a criminal record. The difference between standard harassment and sexual harassment is the type of language used during harassing communication. The penalties for a sexual harassment conviction are different from the penalties for a standard harassment conviction.  If you have been charged with any form of harassment in the Long Beach Island area, it’s important to speak to a Long Beach Island criminal lawyer.

Often, victims of harassment apply for restraining orders against their harassers. These are especially common in situations where the harasser and the victim are in a relationship and the harassment is a form of domestic violence.

Shoplifting on Long Beach Island

As a Jersey Shore tourism destination, Long Beach Island is home to many retailers, from large chain merchants to local family owned shops. Any retailer is at risk of being a victim of shoplifting.

Shoplifting can refer to many different criminal acts. It can be as simple as walking out of a store with concealed, unpurchased merchandise or it can be the act of a cashier deliberately ringing items up for less than they’re worth, either as a favor to friends or as part of a larger operation to re-sell the items later at for a profit. Altering unpurchased merchandise in any way to make it appear used, worn or damaged in an attempt to buy it for a lower price or make it appear like the defendant already owned it is also shoplifting. N.J.S.A. 2C:20-11 defines shoplifting and its penalties.

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