Brick DWI Lawyer

Brick Township, New Jersey, also known as Brick and Bricktown, is a large municipality in northern Ocean County. It is home to approximately 75,000 people and acts as a commercial shopping hub for the county.

Brick’s highways, Routes 88 and 70 and Hooper Avenue, form a congested web around the retailers and other public properties in the town. Restaurants and bars, such as Quaker Steak and Lube, Arrowhead Inn, Windward Tavern, and Buffalo Wild Wings line these roadways. There are many opportunities to drink and drive in Brick, and the Brick Township Police Department monitors these highways closely. If you are arrested, make sure to consult with a Brick DWI lawyer to protect your rights.

Underage DWI in Brick

New Jersey’s legal drinking age is 21 years old. It has been 21 since 1983, when New Jersey’s legal drinking age was raised from 19. Any person under the age of 21 who is found operating a motor vehicle with any trace of alcohol in his or her bloodstream is subject to an underage DWI charge.

If a driver is found guilty of an underage DWI, his or her driver’s license is suspended for three months. This suspension is mandatory. If the driver did not yet have a driver’s license because of his or her age, the license suspension begins on the driver’s seventeenth birthday, which is the day New Jersey residents become eligible for a driver’s license.

Drivers convicted of an underage DWI must also complete an alcohol education course and up to thirty days of community service. The fines associated with this charge are the same as those for first-time DWI charges for adults over the age of 21.

Breath Testing in Brick Township

New Jersey law enforcement officers measure a driver’s blood alcohol content with an electronic breath testing device. This device takes a breath sample from the driver, then gives a digital readout of the driver’s blood alcohol content. If a driver age 21 or older is found to have a blood alcohol content of .08% or higher, he or she is subject to a DWI charge under NJ law.

Driving With a Suspended Driver’s License in Brick

When a driver’s license is suspended due to a DWI conviction or any other reason, he or she is prohibited from operating any motor vehicle in New Jersey for the duration of the suspension. Violating this requirement is illegal, and a driver who chooses to drive while his or her license is suspended faces penalties if he or she is caught.

For a first-time driving while suspended offense, the driver must pay a $500 fine and a $250 surcharge for the next three years. For a second-time offense, he or she is required to serve up to five days in county jail as well as pay a $750 fine. For a third-time offense, the driver faces up to ten days in county jail, a $1,000 fine, and an additional license suspension of six months. If a driver continues to violate his or her license suspension, the license could be suspended indefinitely.

Hiring a Brick DWI Lawyer

If you or a loved one are facing DWI-related charges in Brick Township, call a Brick DWI lawyer at Villani & DeLuca at (732) 965-3350 for your free legal consultation. Villani & DeLuca’s Brick DWI lawyers have proudly served Ocean and Monmouth County residents since 1996 and will give your case the attention to detail it needs.