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With major highways such as Routes 18, 33 and 35 running through its borders, Neptune is one of Monmouth County’s busiest municipalities in terms of traffic.  Stretching from the Garden State Parkway to the Atlantic Ocean, the area is heavily frequented by tourists on their way to the Jersey Shore.  It should come as no surprise that DWI arrests are common occurrences in Neptune, especially during the summer when countless visitors, in addition to the township’s 27,935 residents, crowd the township’s roadways.

Along with many other New Jersey municipalities, Neptune implements the use of DWI checkpoints to trap motorists who are driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  These stops involve the setup of roadblocks through which drivers may be stopped and investigated for the possibility of drunk driving.  Although more frequent during the summer, Neptune has been known to conduct sobriety checkpoints in December along highways such as Route 33.  These checkpoints typically take place on weekends, especially on Saturday nights between 11 PM to 3 AM, when people are often driving home from bars and clubs.  If you have been arrested for a DWI, DUI or refusal while driving through Neptune Township, you must seek legal advice from a New Jersey DWI attorney.

Hire a Neptune, NJ DWI Lawyer Trained on the DWI Breath Test

One of the most important things to look for in a Neptune, NJ DWI lawyer is that he or she has received training in the Alcotest 7110 device.  As the current breath testing device used by New Jersey police, the Alcotest 7110 obtains an accurate reading of your BAC (blood alcohol concentration) through a combination of electrochemical and infrared technology.  This test is conducted on all drivers suspected of driving while intoxicated, but errors can occur due to the complexity and sensitivity of the Alcotest device.  Villani & DeLuca founding partner, Carmine R. Villani, Esq. is one of less than 50 lawyers in all of New Jersey to have received testing on the Alcotest 7110 directly from the manufacturer.  In addition, Mr. Villani is trained in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (SFST) methods, which are a battery of physical and cognitive tests used to determine an individual’s sobriety on the road, before the breath test is administered.

With his knowledge and training in every aspect of the state’s DWI laws, Mr. Villani can review your case for any errors by the arresting officer.  Along with over two decades of experience in the defense of DWI cases, he has also previously served as a municipal prosecutor.  This combined experience makes him uniquely qualified to give you the effective representation you need at your Neptune Municipal Court hearing.

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The consequences of a DWI, DUI or refusal conviction are very serious.  Even a first-time DWI conviction is punishable by harsh penalties such as thousands of dollars in fines, the loss of your driver’s license for up to 1 year, and a potential jail sentence of up to 30 days.  New Jersey’s zero tolerance DWI laws mean that such penalties apply to both adults and minors, regardless of personal circumstances.  The knowledgeable DWI attorneys of Villani & DeLuca offer free consultations to discuss your rights and defense options.  Please call (732) 965-3350 to find out about our firm’s DWI defense services.