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Leaving the Scene of a Car Accident Charge

Car Accident 1In New Jersey, leaving the scene of an accident (also called a “hit and run”) can result in serious fines and possible jail time, depending on the severity and circumstances surrounding the incident.  If you are in an accident involving other people, the law says you must stop immediately and give your name to the other driver, a police officer, a witness or someone injured in the incident.  If nobody else is present, a driver is expected at the very least to leave a note on the damaged property with his or her name and address on it and then go to the nearest police station to report the accident. Even if your car is the only vehicle involved in an accident, if any property damage results, leaving the scene after the accident is unlawful in NJ.

The penalties for leaving the scene of an accident can be significant regardless of the amount of damage caused.  The possible penalties include fines, jail time, the loss of your driver’s license and motor vehicle points.  If the accident results in the injury or death of someone, the penalties become much more severe: the fines can be higher, the jail time and loss of your license longer and you will be subject to more points on your driver’s license.  If you have been charged with leaving the scene of an accident, Villani & DeLuca can assist you with your defense in the Hazlet Municipal Court.  Contact our experienced attorneys today at 732-965-3350.

Getting a Conditional Discharge

A conditional discharge is a diversionary program that allows a first time drug offender to avoid a drug conviction on his or her criminal record.  You may apply for it if you have been charged with your first drug-related disorderly persons offense in New Jersey.  In a conditional discharge, you agree to receive supervisory treatment in exchange for a suspension of your drug charge during the conditional discharge period.  The court determines the amount of time that you are subject to supervisory treatment based on the specific facts of your case. In determining whether a first time drug offender may seek a conditional discharge, the court considers several factors, including whether the defendant poses a danger to the community and whether the supervisory treatment would be sufficient to correct the defendant’s dependence on or use of the controlled substance.  If you have been charged for the first time with a drug-related disorderly persons offense, contact an experienced attorney at Villani & DeLuca to determine if you are eligible for a conditional discharge.

The Collaborative Divorce Option in Hazlet, NJ

A traditional divorce is often a highly emotional and antagonistic process.  A collaborative divorce, however, is a relatively new way to approach the dissolution of a marriage and one which is less combative.  A collaborative divorce is a non-adversarial process that is settled outside of the court with the help of lawyers and other family professionals, if they are needed.  In situations where the parties going through a divorce are able to communicate and deal with each other in a positive manner, the collaborative law process may be the best option available to them to effectuate their divorce.

A collaborative divorce offers parties some important advantages, the most significant of which is that the couple determines the terms of the divorce rather than a judge.  Therefore, the parties have much more control and can avoid the uncertain outcome of a court proceeding.  The collaborative divorce proceedings also typically cost less and are more private than a traditional divorce in court.  The biggest disadvantage of a collaborative divorce, however, is that if for any reason a settlement cannot be reached, the attorneys representing the parties are required to withdraw from the case and each spouse will have to hire a new attorney to bring their divorce case to court.  If you are getting divorced, the experienced Hazlet family law attorneys at Villani & DeLuca can help protect your rights and interests.  Contact us today for a free consultation by calling 732-965-3350.

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