8 Tips to Prevent Dog Bites on Halloween

Halloween night brings increased safety risks. It is a high risk holiday for dog bites – especially with children in costumes. Nonstop doorbell rings and visitors showering attention may initially be doggy bliss for your pet. But even friendly, laid-back pooches can get their tails twisted over the disruption to their routine – especially on their home turf. Considering almost 50% of all households have a dog, that can be dangerous for pets and for people. Since most dogs tend to be territorial, especially among strangers, the prospect of kids running around other people’s lawns could be dangerous.

Dogs recognize people by smell but also by sight. A dog may not recognize a favorite human behind that Halloween mask. According to Doggone Safe, which works to prevent dog bites, the same dog might even react differently to different costumes. Miniature superheroes, princesses and other ghoulish visitors are often strange children he won’t know and their flowing cape or sparkly fairy wings can be scary or even enticing. An overly excited dog can get frightened easily and make a mistake by attacking a waving light saber or magical fairy wand as a weapon aimed to hurt. Here are a few tips for both dog owners and parents to follow to prevent dog bites on Halloween:

Preventing Dog Bites on Halloween

Tips for Dog Owners:

1. Secure your dog behind a closed door or in a crate in a room away from the front door.
2. Give him a long lasting chew toy.
3. Play music or leave a TV or radio playing in the dog’s room to help mask the sounds of the activity at the front door.
4. Close drapes so that the dog does not see people coming and going through the window.
5. Disconnect your doorbell or watch for trick-or-treaters so that they do not have to ring or knock.

Tips for Parents:

6. Avoid houses if you can hear a dog barking behind the door.
7. Never approach any dog, even if you know him. He may not recognize you in your costume.
8. If a dog escapes, your best reaction should be to stand still (like a “tree”) rather than run away. He will most likely just sniff you and then move on.

So while Halloween night may initially get you thinking about the threat of a post sugar rush, dog bites may be the greater threat. Exercise extra caution by following these safety precautions to help your family and your dog have a more enjoyable night and reduce the chance of a dog bite incident occurring.

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