$15 Million Settlement with Department Store

Medical__NegligenceA Bergenfield, New Jersey 10 year old suffered serious injuries when her foot became entangled in a Macy’s department store escalator.  As a result of the incident the child endured life threatening organ failure and numerous surgeries to save her foot from amputation.  The recent settlement was reached three years after the devastating injury.

Personal Injury cases involve some wrongful act, negligence or default that causes an injury or damages. The victim seeks compensation for damages including medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and other remedies.

Categories of Personal Injury Claims in New Jersey

Slip and fall, auto accident, product liability, medical malpractice, wrongful death, dog bites and workers’ compensation are all considered personal injury claims. Each of these kinds of personal injury claims involves different standards of liability and potential claims for damages. Personal injury law can be a complex process best handled by an experienced attorney who can assist the injured party.

Statute of Limitations in New Jersey for Personal Injury Cases

Generally, and in most cases, the Statute of Limitations for a Personal Injury case in New Jersey is two years.  The claim must be filed two years from the date of the injury.  There are some instances when the two year limitation might be extended.  The basic determining principle in cases that are filed after the two year statute of limitations has expired relies on when the person knew or should have known about the injury.

Personal Injury Claims and New Jersey Public Entities

Personal injury claims against a New Jersey public entity including the State of New Jersey, city, municipality, government agency or other entity impose specific limitations and time frames that deviate from other personal injury claims. The New Jersey Tort Claims Act applies in these circumstances with different immunities and possible claims for damages.

Personal injury claims are often complex and emotionally and physically draining for the victim. An experienced personal injury attorney is a valuable resource to manage the process for the best possible outcome.

Consult an attorney for injuries or a death caused by an auto accident, defective product, dog bite, negligence in maintaining property, the negligence of a healthcare professional, hospital or clinic or a workplace incident.

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