11-Year-Old Not Liable for NJ Personal Injury Lacrosse Claim

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Youth Lacrosse Provides Unprecedented Personal Injury Claim

In an unprecedented personal injury case, an 11-year-old boy was found to not be liable for an injury he caused to another boy during a youth lacrosse game. The accused 11-year-old collided with another boy during the waning seconds of a lacrosse game in Burlington County, NJ, breaking his arm.

In the official opinion of the three-judge panel, it would be unfair to have the same expectations of children as adults. Adults should be expected to have more control in a potentially dangerous sporting environment, but children are often untrained and injuries become more likely to occur.

The injured boy was sent to the hospital and was treated for a fractured forearm, which led to 10 days of missed school and scarring. However, according to the judges, the injuries do not warrant compensation based on the circumstances of the injury and the age of the children.

“We can readily take judicial notice that children, particularly younger children, often need years of training, coaching, and experience to learn and adhere to the rules of a competitive sport,” Judge Sabatino wrote for the court. “Children will inevitably commit fouls in sporting activities out of inexperience, youthful exuberance, lack of self-discipline, clumsiness, immaturity, frustration, or some combination of those traits.”

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